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So yeah, this is me with my beloved godson. I'm half polish, a quarter Irish and the last quarter a mix of English, Spanish and Portuguese. I was born and bred in Enfield, North London. I attended St. Ignatius College and just completed sixth form there. I took Mathematics, Physics, and Product Design for A-level and got ABA respectively in them. I'm now on a gap year with big plans! I am a great lover of Cycling, Rugby and Designing things! My big plans are all based around my love of designing things. In fact, won a national design competition called the "wemadeit!" competition for a piece of coursework I made at school.

I have decided to spend part of my gap year in Amsterdam on the Fab Academy program. To assist in my expenses I made up the website getjoetoamsterdam.moonfruit.com. It was great at getting the word out to family and friends on what I was trying to achieve. I thought that it would be appropriate to name this site "Got Joe To Amsterdam" now that I have made it here (But I am still fundraising!)

After this I have university to look forward to. I start this September and will be studying Mechanical Engineering (MEng) at Warwick university.

Enough about me now.

Peace Out!!

My Portfolio

I don't have the most extensive portfolio as I have only recently left school but hopefully the little I do have will give you and idea about what I am able to do. It is more a list of previous projects I have done.

My First Design Project:

My first design project was back in 2012 product design class known as "resistant materials". We had to design and prototype a product, we had to choose between a lamp, a table or a jewelry box. I decided to make a lamp as I enjoyed a good bit of soldering and could avoid woodwork (which I disliked at the time). My design brief was to make a lamp which would evenly light up a single page or book. The idea being this could improve studying endurance and reduce eye strain. I also entered the design into a competition called the "We Made It!" competition in which it came joint first.

My AS Product Design Project

Having just been through the excitement of winning a national design competition, I was keen to start product design at college and get to work on a new project. I thought it would be good to try and make a big brother to go with my lamp, an illuminated book stand. The brief was to make a book stand which would not only provide an adequate reading angle but also adequate illumination. Like the lamp, this would provide benefits for things like studying endurance.

My A2 Product Design Project

After doing two projects to do with lighting, I thought it would be good to try something else. I enjoy cycling and so made the design brief of getting people in the UK to use their bikes more. Lots of bikes are purchased in the UK but not always used as much as they could be. So I set about designing a piece of cycling equipment that would be very inclusive and therefore could be used by any person riding any bike. So I made a set of parabolic rollers which are suitable for lots of different bikes. Click here to see it in action.


Now you must want to find out if I'm even a real person haha, or want to ask a few questions that I haven't covered. Well not to worry! My full name is Joseph Kruczkowski (I told you I was polish!) and you can find me on Facebook.

I also have:

Instagram: joe_krucz

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My Email! Which is [email protected]

Like I said, any questions and I will do my best to reply ASAP!