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This is my homepage for Fab Academy 2015. I am I-Feng Lin at Fab Lab Taipei.


About Me

I have a B.Sc major in computer science, minor in foreign language and linguistic. Currently I am working for Splunk Inc. as a software quality engineer. Before this I have been in the position of Web App developer with speciality in Python and JavaScript.

I joined Fab Academy for two reasons. One is to gain the ability to realize ideas in my mind. The limit of my creation is always hardware because I have no skills in design and fabrication. All my ideas are bounded in existing hardware. With the rise of crowd funding, hardware innovation becomes a fascination model of business and creation. Skills of making things are much more powerful than it was in the last decades. The other reason is to meet people from different industries. I used to be a developer and worked with fellows and then I became a software quality engineer. I saw very different personalities and ways of thinking between the two types. It's exciting that I will see even more in engineers, designers, managers and others in this classroom.

I am planing to visit other labs in the following months. It will be my pleasure to meet some of my classmates overseas. :)

Osaka: Mar 27th - Apr 2nd, Seoul: Apr 2nd - Apr 5th.

For more information about me please go to my personal website

Find me at LinkedIn or Facebook