Invention, Intellectual Property, Income

Week 17

21st-28th May 2014

The prototype that is built as a part of this course's completion is still too raw to be released and promoted publicly. All the contents of this website, however is registered under CreativeCommons Attribution Share-Alike Noncommercial 4.0 international license as stated on the bottom of every page. Thus if anyone finds materials published here usefull - they have complete access to make use of them, except for commercial purposes.

I will continue working on it this summer and autumn. If I manage to achieve the state of a usable tangible prototype and come up with an interesting application for it, whether it's a computer game or a musical instrument interface, I might even consider starting a kickstarter campaign.

This project has no elements in it that could be protected by a patent, and the original design of Rubik's snake doesnt' seem to be protected either. At least I couldn't find any info and it looks like it's being produced by anyone who wishes.