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12. Molding and casting

This week I worked on molding and casting.


I have stared with some research on molding and casting. Also I have decided to make Desktop Cable Management which I was planning to by from Amazon

3D Design

  • I have started with designing the module

Mold Design

  • Create Mold box around the object and change the Opacity to 50%

  • Cut the box by using Combine tool

  • Create Midplane

  • Split box in two bodies

  • Create Sphere in one side of the box

  • Cut sphere from the other side of the box

  • Create holes for casting material

  • Join two mold together with 5mm offset to separate them from each other.


In fusion 360 use Manufacture Tool to create the toolpath

  • Check the size of the machinable wax

  • Create the setup for the part

  • Create new cutting tool

  • Use 3D Adaptive Clearing for clearing large quantities of material


For machining the part I used Roland SRM-20

  • I have added a wood sheet at top of bed for safety

  • I ha


Last update: April 27, 2021