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8. Computer Controlled Machining

This week I worked on designing, cutting and assembling a bookshelves.

for this project I have used the following tools: - ShopBot PRSalpha
- Fusion 360


  • Start with defining the parameters

  • Create side sketch

  • Extrude Side Sketch

  • Extrude Shelves

  • Select one of the shelves and create Midplane

  • Select side panel and create mirror around the midplane

  • Select one of the shelves and create new sketch for the tap

  • Extrude the tap sketch to the other side of the shelf

  • Mirror the taps to the other side of the shelves

  • Repeat the taps steps for each shelf

  • Extrude Top and Bottom panels

  • Combine taps and with each shelf

  • Use the Combine tool to create pockets

  • Change Appearance

  • Create new box for the plywood sheet

  • Select all bodies, right click and create components

  • Laydown the components in the plywood sheet

  • Click Press Pull and select all pockets to offset

  • Create new sketch and select all components faces

  • Export the new sketch as DXF

  • Check the DXF file and make sure there no design issue

Laser Cutter

  • Before start using Shopbot machine check your design with the laser cutting in the smaller scale
  • check the size and thickness of the material

  • Apply the changes in your design and create a new DXF file

  • Cut the parts by laser cutting machine

  • Assemble the parts together


Issues and Problems:

  • I found design issue in DXF file and fix the sketch design

  • when I change the size of the design, the parts moved in deferent places.

To fix this issue use constraints in the sketch

Last update: March 17, 2021