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10. Mechanical design & Machine design

This week I worked on defining my final project idea and started to getting used to the documentation process.


Mechanical Components:

For this project we need the following Mechanical components

Qty. Items
12 8mm Linear Ball Bearing
2 8mm x 200mm Cylinder Linear Rail Linear Shaft Optical Axis
4 8mm x 400mm Cylinder Linear Rail Linear Shaft Optical Axis
2 Lead Screw 400mm X 8mm Lead Screw with Anti-Backlash Nut
1 Lead Screw 200mm X 8mm Lead Screw with Anti-Backlash Nut
3 4mm x 8mm Aluminum Flexible Shaft Coupling OD19mm x L25mm
6 8mm Bore Diameter Zinc Alloy Pillow Block Flange Linear Bearing

Electronics Components:

Also I searched for Electronics components that we need for this project.

Qty. Items
1 500W Brushless Spindle Motor With 55mm Clamps and Power Supply Speed Governor Speed Control Device
1 Arduino UNO
1 CNC Arduino shield
3 Stepper motors
3 Limit Switch
4 Stepper motor driver

3D Design & 3D Assembly

Stepper Motor

  • For Stepper Motor we used the NEMA 17 motor and create sketch and 3d Module base on the standard dimensions for NEMA 17 from
    NEMA 17
  • For the Nut I used Caliper tool to measure the dimensions of the bearing to Design Nut


  • For the bearing I used Caliper tool to measure the dimensions of the bearing

Z-Axis Part

  • My part in this project is to design Z-Axis part which will carry the spindle part. -

3D Assembly

Using Joint tool in fusion 360 to assemble 3D parts together

-First of all I have to assemble Z-Axis part with the spindle holder part.

I found that there is no space for bearing in the spindle holder.

  • Second Assembly after update the spindle holder design

  • After assembling all parts together, we need to make sure that is no interference between parts by using interference check tools in fusion 360

  • Assembling X-Axis parts together

  • Assembling Y-Axis parts together

  • Now to assemble all machine Axis together

3D Printing

For fabricating the part I decided to use 3D printing, because the part is very complicated and can’t be with ShopBot or laser cutting machine.

I used Ultimaker Cura Software and Ultimaker 3 Extended 3D printer.

  • I open the STL file with Ultimaker Cura software and I apply the following setting with support

  • The printing failed to print.

  • I change the setting of the printing as following setting without support.

  • Also I covert the printer with acrylic sheet to prevent the cold air form the Air-Condition



Download Universal Gcode Sender software from github


For testing I need to create ToolPath and export G-code to UGS in order to test the machine

Here is very helpful tutorial Making TOOLPATHS and exporting G-CODES | Fusion 360 | Quick Tip

Test 1

To fix this issue I follow this video Fixing Fusion360 GRBL Post Processor

Test 2

Last update: April 14, 2021