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18. Wildcard week

more chocolate

This week I would like to deal on the one hand with deep-drawing and on the other hand continue to experiment with the pink chocolate (Molding and Casting) by trying to pour a hologram into the surface.

trace in inkscape

To do this, I trace the figure that I want to deep-draw in inkscape and remove the parts that I don’t need.

Now I save it as dxf and use the same settings as for computer controlled cutting (week 4)

bring the fob to the lasercutter

I use the same settings as for computer controlled cutting (week 4)

prepare for deep drawing

After cutting out, I glue the separated cut parts onto a coated 6mm mdf board.

So that I can get the chocolate out of the mold better later, I grind the corners conically.

In addition, I drill small holes in the surfaces so that the vacuum can better pull the plastic into the corners.

deep drawing

In order to save material, I reduce the opening with the accessories.

now I heat the plastic and use the vacuum to pull it over the mold.


Unfortunately, the distances are too narrow. I can’t get the stuck parts that have seized up in the mold out again without damaging the mold.
Even soaking in water and heating in the microwave does not lead to the desired success.

second try

This time I took a closer look at the tracing options and tried a lot.


Afterwards, I put together a new unicorn from several tracings.
Mostly from the one marked in red.

whats better

The right unicorn is the one I use for the second attempt.

To do this, I do the same thing as with the failed attempt before. Grind conically and make holes so that the vacuum can draw better.

deep drawing

Now I pull the thermoplastic over the mold.

cutting the Diffraction Grating Sheet

To get the holographic effect in the vomit, I cut out the foil of the output with the cutting plotter to put it in the mold.

preparing the pink chocolate for pouring

While researching, I came across the ruby ‚Äč‚Äčcouverture, which is pink. It is made from selected cocoa beans in a specific process.

In order to get the correct melting and processing temperature, I decided to use a process with the sous vide device. First I vacuum seal the couverture and seal the plastic. Then I put it in a water bath at 46 degrees Celsius and wait until everything has melted. When the processing temperature of 29 degrees is reached

I take the bag out of the water bath and dry it so that no drops of water can mix with the chocolate.
In one corner I cut a small opening in the bag, in the direction of which I can press out the cuverture.

pour the cuverture into the mold

Now I let the chocolate run into the mold and spread out there.

take out the chocolate bar after it has cooled down

I remove the Diffraction Grating Sheet / foil and the structure poured into the chocolate creates the holographic effect.


useful videos

Last update: June 12, 2021