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Final Project Plan & Diary


I’d like to make a foldable and portable electronic pinball machine. It has a flanger that pushes the balls out, flippers that are activated by a button, bumpers that bounce the balls back, and a system for recording scores.

The size of the machine is small enough for one adult to hold, making it suitable for carrying around. Like chess or backgammon, I want it to be something that I can open when I want to play and close when I’m done.

First, I want to get it to a quality where I can play it well on my own, and then I want my labmates and people I meet on my travels to be able to play it too.

Parts Function
Case Housing all stuff
Metal Ball As a Player
Flipper Hit the ball back
Plunger Launch ball
Pop Bumper Hit the ball back and scores a point
Spinner When a ball passes through, it spins and scores a point
Display Show score
Lane Ways for ball
Target Scores a point


Assingment1. 1. Principles and practices¶

I did initial research, surveyed similar projects.

Assingment8. Computer-Controlled Machining


I made wood housing by shopbot.

Assingment11. Input Devices


I tested light sensor and hall effector.

Assingment12. Molding & Casting


I learned how to make clear parts, for example, pop bumper cover by molding & casting

Assingment13. Output Devices


I learned how to control solenoid and LEDs for bumber and flipper.


It’s about 1 mounth for final presentation. I start to write dairy tracking diary.


I ordered some stuffs below.

  • Pull Solenoid CA12570060(6Ω)
  • Controlled by DC 12V, Max stroke 10mm
  • 5V Solenoid SSAH-0830(7.5Ω)
  • Controled by DC 5V, 600mA, 3W,. Max stroke 5mm.
  • If it has enough power, 5V is comvinient for control.
  • Long stroke Solenoid CH1284/CH12840062(6.2Ω)
  • Controlled by DC 12V, Max stroke 35mm.
  • Conductive filament EV303


Kamakura ‘s Local Session. This week’s assignment is wild card, anything goes. I’d like to make something with flexure. It can be used for my final project, pinball mechanism. For example, flipper , bumper and flanger.

However, I didn’t get stuffs now. So I’ll try to think how to attach parts to the main board. It sounds like snap fit things. Or think about spirng construction! Let’s think about possible gimics, or possible flanger shape.


Spring Plunger

I made 3 patterns of plunger with spiral shape. It needs enoguh sitffness and space without adhereance for other place. It also needs knob to grab and release.


Snap Fit Bangle




  • Write wildcard week’s documentation.
  • Join Asian Review.


  • Update wildcard week’s documentation.
  • Join Global Review.


  • Check the power of 5V solenoid(SSAH-0830(7.5Ω).


  • Print conductive filament, and scale its resistor value. The number shows around 22.26kΩ .



  • Local session in Fablab Kamakura.
  • Re-research the function of ATtiny3216.
  • Do a math for control solenoid and chip LED by 5V power supply, only by changing act swicth state. Design and make testing board, finally it worked !





  • Design and print solenoid socket for pop bumper.


  • Test conductivity of copper seat and metal ball.




  • Write documentation.
  • Join global review.

After this, I couldn’t update the details. Details are provided on the individual pages.

Last update: June 20, 2021