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17. Applications and implications

1. Weekly Brief Summary

I Made plans for the final project.

2. Weekly Assignment Requirement

  • Define the scope of a project
  • Develop a project plan

3. Define Final Project


What will it do?

A small pinball machine that can be created with digital fabrication tools. It is small enough to be carried by one person, and can be powered by a mobile battery instead of a household power source.

Who has done what beforehand?

I did an initial research in 1st week. DIY makers made their own homebrew pinball machines, and there is some commercial homemade pinball kits. Also some people tried to make in HTMAA/FabAcademy, but looks it couldn’t be completed.

What will you design?

The game components, such as the launcher, bumpers, and flippers, will be operated with as little power as possible. It should also be made compact so that it can be transported. I need to design gameboard, where and how to place game components on it. Also I have to design and program PCB board for control solenoid, flippers and ball detection.

Components and Costs

This section answered questions as below.

  • what materials and components will be used?
  • where will they come from?
  • how much will they cost?
  • what parts and systems will be made?

GameBoard/ScoreBoard Enclosure


The wood enclosure to put gameboard and be carried was made in shopbot week. I used 18mm thickness Lauan Plywood, aboud 5,000yen.


Also I need to attach snapfit bungle to carry it. I try to make it by PLA filament, but it should need to be more tough.


I will lmake main gameboard by 4mm thickness MDF boards. 450x300x4mm MDF board costs 253yen in Tokyu Hands. I tried to make nice curve by heat bending in wild card week, but it was complicated. I re-design it for laser cutter and kerf bending.


GameBoard Components

Ball Launcher : I’d like to make it by 3D print flex structure. My past experiments shows it is possible to make it by PLA filament(easily get in Amazon), around 3,000 yen / 1kg.


Pop Bumper : The function of bumper is…

  1. Detect ball contact
  2. Push back the ball

To detect ball contact, I use copper foil sheet, 603yen/pcs.


To push back the ball, I use solenoid SSBH-0830, it can controlled by 5V power supply, and costs 1450yen/pcs.


Flipper : I have to design from now, but it can controlled by same solenoid and lever principle.

Controller:It needs detect 2 inputs from flipper button, 1-3 inputs from pop bumper, 2 output for flipper, SCL/SCK network to ScoreBoard controller at least. I think ATtiny3216(~1€/pcs) is reasonable.

ScoreBoard Components

ScoreBoard shows score and play the game sound. It needs more complex control, I’d like to use Arduino UNO(3300yen), 4 digits 7seg-LED display and speakers as rich as possible.

What processes will be used?


  • 3D print for many components.


  • Milling PCB board by SRM-20
  • Cut out Encosure by Shopbot

What questions need to be answered?

  • How to detect ball hit?
  • How heavy it is?
  • Who can play? Playable for children?

…The selection of electronic boards and components to be used has been completed, but the design of each component has not yet been completed. I’d like to start design and make each component.

How will it be evaluated?

The goal is that the components I designed will behave as expected, and that people other than me can play with them without explanation.

Machine has many functions, and it must be moved as below…

  • Ball launcher shoot the ball to the top of gameboard.
  • Flippers are controlled by switch. When someone push button, it raise, when release, it return to original position.
  • Pop bumper will moved by detecting ball on gameboard.
  • Scores and sounds are contolled by detecting ball on gameboard.

BOM(Bill Of Materials) Draft

Part Material Quantitiy Price Subtotal Company/Shop
Enclosure Lauan Plywood 1820x910x18mm 1 5,000 5,000 ex.Rakuten
MDF 450x300x4mm 2 253 506 Tokyu Hands
Game Objecs PLA filament(orange) 1kg 1 2,880 2,880 Pxmalion
PLA filament(white) 1kg 1 2,980 2,980 Pxmalion
Copper Foil tape 1 603 603 Sunhayato
Electronic components 5V Solenoid SSBH-0830 6 1,200 7,200 TAKAHA
  Copper Board 100×150×1.6mm 946 2 1,892 Sunhayato
  ATtiny3216 130 2 260 Digikey
Arduino UNO 3,300 1 3,300 Switch Science
7 seg-LED display OSL40562-LB 250 1 250 Akitsuki Denshi
Dynamic Speaker 200 1 200 Akitsuki Denshi

It may cost 25,000yen. In addition, I need more electronic parts like resitors and MOS-FET, also machine parts including bolts and nuts.

Last update: July 6, 2021