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2. Project management

2-0. Assignment

  • Build a personal site describing you and your final project.
  • Upload it to the class archive.
  • Work through a git tutorial.

2-1. Documantation tools

At the start, I try to use some tools for taking notes. Daily documantation is so important that tool shoud be familiar with me.

Taking Notes

  • Scrapbox

    • Browser based documentation tool.
    • Smooth access, write text, embed pitures and movies.
  • Gyazo

    • Taking screenshots, and publish its unique URL.

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Write Documentation

  • Visual Studio Code

    • Used in Unity, I want to learn.
    • Real time Markdown preview.
  • nano editor

    • Easily open in OSX terminal.
    • Use for rapid check and correction.

English Support

I sometimes feel uneasy about listening and writing English. So use these tools for help understanding, communitation.



    • Real time transcription of English
  • DeepL

    • High quality translation.
  • Netflix

    • Joyful training of listening English with subtitles.
    • Now I watch Friends, maybe suitable for English learners.
    • I really love Big-Bang Theory, but their conversations are too fast and geeky to understand.

Track, Record, Manage Everything !

I’m not good at manage my life but everyone says “Mangement is most important skill in FabAcademy”. I decided to use digital tools for recording all of my activity.


  • toggl track for working time tracking.

    • Easy to use time tracking tool.
    • With its Chrome extention, I can rapidly start to record my work.
    • After using it, also I can confirm how long I spent time for each action.
  • trello for arrange many tasks.

  • Google Spread Sheet for fee management.

  • fitbit inspireHR for daily activity and sleep time.

  • Smart Scales for monitoring health.

2-2. Learn Markdown

It’s first time to use Markdown,I read official documantation carefully .

Markdown is a lightweight and easy-to-use syntax for styling all forms of writing on the GitHub platform. Files with the .md or .markdown extension

I saw .md files many times, but don’t know it stands for markdown !

For Practice,, Online Markdown editor is suitable. I try and learn typical type of markdown techniques.


# <h1> 
## <h2>



Unordered lists

- Item 1
- Item 2
    - Item 2-1
    - Item 2-2

Point : It works with Indent, hit [tab] key or 4 Half-width space.


![Alt text](PATH)


[Link text](URL)


> Bloqcquates

Inline code

`inline code`

Syntax Highlight / Program Code

use ``` start and finish.


First Header | Second Header
- | -
Content  | Content
Content  | Content

Fortunately, In Visual Studio Code, Markdown preview is included by default.

To open Visual Studio Code from terminal, I need add-on.
Search shell command install 'code' command in PATH and get it.
code [FILENAME] will open files in Visual Studio Code.

terminalVSCode.jpg terminalVSCodeOpen.jpg

2-3. Run through git tutorial

OK, let’s start to create my project page !
Here is a very nice local tutorial made by kamakura instructors.

bash commands

I use OSX machine, git control via terminal. Some important control commands below.

  • ls stands for List, will show items.
  • cd stands for Change Directory.
  • mkdir means Make Directory.
  • cat shows file content on terminal, stands for Concatenate, not for cute animal.
  • nano opens files with nano editor.

Preparing to use GitLab

  1. Install / Check git system

    • Open terminal and type git --version for check git is installed or not.
    • gitVersionCheck
    • My laptop already had a git version 2.24.3.
  2. Create SSH key

    • We need two type of password.
      • One is private key, only your have in local.
      • The other is public key, everyone can see and get.
    • For make SSH keys …
      • Open terminal and type ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "MAIL@ADDRESS"
      • System will create new ssh directory automatically.
      • You have to set pass phrase.
      • sshKeyGenerate.jpg
    • Check your public SSH key.
      • Move to home/.ssh directory, and check your public SSH key.
      • checkPublicSSHkey.jpg
  3. Register public SSH key on GitLab

    • To use GitLab pull or push repository, we need to add SSH key to profile.
      • gitlabAlert.jpg
    • Access to your profile, and find SSH Keys setting, then copy and paste your public SSH key on it.
      • profileSSHsetting.jpg
      • updateProfileSSHsetting.jpg
  4. Clone repositoty and set your information

    • Check Clone with SSH strings on GitLab.
    • Type git clone <Clone with SSH> on Terminal to clone repo in your local enviorment.
      • clonePath.jpg
      • gitClone.jpg
    • After that, set username and mail address.
      • git config --global "MAIL@ADDRESS"
      • git config --global "USERNAME"

Push local change to GitLab

Basically, we make files in local repository.
After finishing it, have to upload (‚Čí push) them to remote repository, this time GitLab.

  • In your local repository, from terminal,
    • git add . -> add all local changes.
    • git pull -> pull all new changes from remote repository.
    • git commit -m "COMMENT" -> commit
    • git push origin master -> push
    • git staus shows things which changed but not added, added but not committed and except for git control.


2-4. Use MkDocs for preview

I want to run MkDocs for check web page on local repository.
My default python version is 2.7.16, but MkDocs run on Python 3.

  • Install homebrew according to web guide.
  • Install pyenv to contol python version via homebrew.
    • brew install pyenv
  • Install python 3 via pyenv.
    • pyenv install 3.8.2
    • pyenv global 3.8.2 shoud change default python version, but it doesn’t work. I don’t know why, but python3 works well.
  • use pip to insatll mkdocs.
    • pip install mkdocs

As git tutorial, kamakura instructor made good MkDocs instructions .
In the same directory of yml file, mkdocs serve should work, but I got error messeages.

INFO - Building documentation…
ERROR - Config value: ‘theme’. Error: Unrecognised theme name: ‘material’. The available installed themes are: mkdocs, readthedocs
ERROR - Config value: ‘plugins’. Error: The “git-revision-date-localized” plugin is not installed

Searched with ERROR message, I found same issues.
It looks I need install missing config plugins.

  • pip install mkdocs-material
  • pip install mkdocs-git-revision-date-localized-plugin

Then, mkdocs serve worked and I can check my web page on localhost.


2-5. Have I ?

  • Made a website and described how I did it
  • Introduced myself
  • Documented steps for uploading files to archive
  • Pushed to the class archive
  • Signed and uploaded Student Agreement

What I learned

  • Basic bash commands
  • How to write MarkDown files
  • How to use git, GitLab, MkDocs
  • Differrnce between jpg and png

What I did not complete

  • Change default python version
  • Update view of my page, change .ymrl file more
  • Update Visual Studio Code writing rules of markdown

What I felt

It was my first week. I was not sure if I would be able to handle the tasks in my daily life so far, but I think I was able to complete the minimum tasks. Watching other people’s presentations, I was both impressed and jealoused by how enthusiastic they were. I hope that I can solve these worries by working hard and gradually gaining confidence.

Speaking of time management, to be honest, I was not able to spend that much time this week. I have found good tools to use, so I would like to make a detailed schedule and manage to finish them.

I also felt that It was not good in my English. While relying on the power of the tools, I think it is important to prepare a manuscript so that I can speak well before the presentation.

Last update: May 5, 2021