Project Development


  • Complete your final project, tracking your progress:
  • what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?
  • what has worked? what hasn’t?
  • what questions need to be resolved?
  • what will happen when?
  • what have you learned?

what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

Since i started working on my project i listed out my task which i needed to finised before my final presentation.So as of now i have listed out below the list of task which i have finished and not finished as well.

what tasks have been completed?

  • 3D design in solidwork of master board is done
  • Schematic and board design of master board is done
  • PCB milling soldering & stuffing of master board is ready
  • LM 35 temperature sensor data send over the server from client wirelessly is being tested
  • what tasks have not been completed?

  • Preparation of Slide for presentation
  • Need to undestand some open source video editing software
  • Documentation of final project
  • what has worked? what hasn’t?


  • Server board is working perfectly fine
  • Client board is working perfectly fine
  • Interfaced LM35 (body temeerature sensor)with client board and provide accurate reading
  • Sending client side data taken from sensor to server board through wirelessly
  • Not Worked

  • Not possible to send the data using ATmega 328p wirelessly.Now thinking of to used ESP 12E
  • Not worked ESP 01 as wi-fi shield with Atmega 328p so droped this idea.
  • what questions need to be resolved?

  • How to established server - client communication wirelessly.
  • How ESP 12E create its own wi-fi envirnonment
  • what will happen when?

  • Before 4th july: I will make my slide and video presentation
  • On 8th july :I will present my final project presentation
  • Up to 15th july: I will finised my remaining documentation
  • From 16th :I wiil do any modifiaction required from local as well as global evaluator
  • what have you learned?

    This is million dollers question for me and answer is simply a lot.Really during different assignments i have gone through different challenges.I have listed below some of them.

  • I have learned PCB milling process using SRM -20 which i have never exercised before.Also soldering and stuffing of SMD componants is really a fanatastic experienced.I also understood how to debug the board like check proper soldering of componants,check the polaririty ,supply etc.
  • Design software like freeCAD ,Solidwork which i never used before.It was a very good experienced to design a 3D and 2D objects and then get into a actual form as well using laser cutter,3D printer
  • Learned how to bulid your product from start to end product using different fabrication process.
  • Learned how to estalblished server client communication wirelessly using ESP 12E controller.
  • Learned how to interfaced ,programmed the input(LM 35) and output devices(OLED) with controller
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