Principle & Practices,Project Mangement

First Day,first lecture,first assignment raelly exciting......of Fab academy jorney.Yesterday Prof.Neil gave us first lecture on "Principle & Practices,Project Mangement".He gave us detailed introduction about what actually what we need to do and finished this week assignments.Really wonderfull first interaction with Prof.Neil.


Principles and practices

Individual assignment

  • Plan and sketch a potential final project
  • Idea's of my Final Project :

  • First Project Idea:Integrated Plant monitoring System
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    In Vigyan Ashram, we do have a polyhouse what i saw their the growth of plant is not the what it is suppose to be. Farmers told me due to drastic changes in environment affects the overall growth of plants in polyhouse.So here i planning to design a system which will continuously monitor the temperature,humidity and soil moisture etc of polyhouse and used this data to perform respective actions.Also i planned to keep said data of plant growth that will certainly help the agriculture industries for thier research.

  • Second Project Idea:Cattle health monitoring System
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    The second idea is about monitoring the health of cattles in shelters.Actually we do have a cattles shelter at our campus.Also in this part of world having cattles shelter is an normal and these cattles shelter is actually backbone of farmers.Basically it is an economic model for this part of region.Now the thing is that , day by day there is a drastic increase in pollution and effects of global warming creates a huge challenges infront of farmers who own cattle shelters.
    Exposure of cattle to these envirnomental changes produces reduction in amount of feed intake and milk production.To keep health of their animals normal ,here i am planning to design a system that will monitor the body temperature, heartbeat ,weight(optional) of cattle etc and sent this data to doctor as well as farmer.So by monitoring this data,doctor can tell about the health of animal and prevent the animal from diseases.So by doing this activity regularly we can maintain the health of the cattle normal and ultimetly farmers indirectly get benifited such as increase in milk production.

    I have decided to go with second idea i.e."Cattle health monitoring system".The reson to choose this idea was that there was very little attention given on animal health especially in our part.So i decided to give any solution on it.

    Objectives of Project:

  • Monitor the health of cattle and inform the local care taker of the Vigyan Ashram if any parameter moves beyond the defined value.
  • Data can be access to any remote place as well.
  • Prevent the animal from any diseases.
  • Increase the production.
  • Fabrication techniques involved:

  • Electronic circuits design
  • Input device interfaced with Controller
  • Output device interfaced with Controller and display as per the input data
  • 3D designing & Printing
  • Embedded Programming
  • Networking and Communication
  • Benefits:

  • Farmers:They will get health report for the optimization of herd mangement
  • Doctors:Health reports will be valuable for the auditing
  • Consumers:On the long term an increase in consumer security is expected.
  • Project management

    Individual assignment

  • Work through a git tutorial
  • Build a personal site in the class archive describing you and your final project
  • How to build Website?

    Before i start explaining you about how to design a website i must tell you that website development was the untouchable area for me,completely new.So first I download the webpage template and start editing it but i didnt understnd the meaning of it.In next day morning our Lab instructor explain us littile bit about the website development.He told me to refered the W3School Website where i found complete HTML tutorials.After start reading the content of it i start learning what exactly HTML is?, How it is used? What is mean by Tag?.Then i wrote a very simple 6-7 lines code and excute it then i start feeling confident.So here i explained you the few steps which i followed to build the my website.

    About Web Page Languages

    To build an website basic knowledge of HTML,CSS,Javascripts,jQuery is required.HTML is a standard markup lamguage for web pages.HTML describe the structure of web pages.HTML consits of series of elements.HTML elements tell the browser how to display the content.HTML elements are represented by tags.HTML tag are elements are surrounded by angle brackets.


    When you build any website you should know one most important thing about the structure of webpage.Baically HTML web page is divided into different sections of webpage like Header part,Nevigatation part,body part etc. Below figure gives idea about the exact structure of HTML web page.According to the HTML structure different tags are allow to used in perticular parts of webpage only.

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    After understanding HTML page structure and meaning of different HTML tags now the question is how to run this HTML code ?.There are different HTML text editor namely Notepad++,Bracket etc.I choose bracket text editor to run my HTML code.So i followed the following procedure:

  • Installation of Brackets text editior :
  • Why Brackets? Brackets is open source lightweight,more powerful text editor.This contain three most important features which is Inline editor,Live Preview,Prepossor support which makes Brackets as a better text editor among others.

  • Write the suitable HTML code:
  • I refered HTML tutorials from W3 School website and start implementing it accordingly using Bracket text editor.Using HTML tags i start building my web page.As per the different sections of Web page we need to used respective HTML tags in perticular part of the webpage.Rembember that every tag which is open need to be closed .Following screenshot elaborate you the used of HTML Tags as per the webpage structure.

  • Once we finished HTML code save the HTML page
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    Launch HTML web page using web browser

  • Super excited finally i am gonna to launch my first webpage .So write click on HTML page and open with web browser.This is how it look !.
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    In the below screenshot i simply tried to demonstrate you the relattion of the HTML code,HTML page structure and Webpage.

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    Role of Version Control in Development

    Guyes, as we all know when you develop any website you always need to keep editing the content of it.But sometimes what happened we have made some changes but you didnt mean to make??? or now i dont have access to my code.To handle such stuff we used VERSION CONTROL.


    There are different version controls presents.Out of this Git is a free and open source distrubeted version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. Read more about version control.

    Get Going with Git

      To used git please follow the following instructions.

    • Go to link and Sign in the Gitlab account which is shown below.
    • Open the Git Bash and configure it as shown below.
    • Generate the PUBLIC/PRIVATE rsa key using following command:

    • ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "yourmailID" -b 4096

    • Then copy the key using following command:

    • cat ~/.ssh/ | clip

    • Note:Here i done one mistake before i run the above command,first i run the ssh -T [email protected] which results into permission denied error.

      Then to paste ssh key to fabcloud account run the following one

      Following screenshot demonstrate the way to excute the above one.

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    • $ git config --global "USER NAME"
    • $ git config --global "your mailID"
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    How i push my work on Fab cloud?

  • Now log in your FAB cloud site and go to your students_maintainer page and check whether your push webpage is in pipelined or commit successfully
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  • Finally you can see your webpage on FAB Academy 2020 students page