Application & Implications


What will it do?

I am planning to design a system that will monitor the cattle’s health.By monitoring the parameters like body temperature,heart rate etc will be more helpful for early detection of any disease.For that i can used different sensors like LM 35,Pulse sensors etc.After getting parameters value through respective sensors will be access by wireless technology.Then whole information will be helpful for early detection of any disease like milk fever,stress etc.In short i planning to setup a autonomous system that will proper take care of animal's health regularly.

I am expecting my system will be .....:

  • helpfull in Animal health mangement
  • equipped with different biosensors like LM 35, Pulse sensor etc.
  • helped to do correct diagnosis and prevent the animal from dieses and also minimize the economic losses of farmers , dairy owner.
  • Who has done what beforehand?

    1) Anuj Kumar and Gerhard P. Hancke, Senior Member, IEEE presented a article on "A Zigbee-Based Animal Health Monitoring System" in Article in IEEE Sensors Journal · January 2014.They have design a Zigbee-Based animal health monitoring system.In which they have used Zigbee module-microcontroller-GUI.

    2) Sweta Jha along with co-authors presented a paper on "E-Cattle Health Monitoring System Using IOT".In this they have described how to monitor routinely the health of dairy cattle.In this system they talked about the sensors,wireless networks.

    3) D.Aswini, S.Santhya, T.Shri Nandheni , N.Sukirthini published a paper on "Cattle Health and Environment Monitoring System" in International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET).In this paper they have nicely documented a few drawbacks of present system like Farmers are unaware when the cattle are affected by disease,time consuming etc.

    4) Myeong-Chul Park ,Hyon-Chel,Tae-Koon ,Ok-Kyoon presented a paper on "Design of cattle health monitoring system using wireless bio-sensor networks". In this paper, they have design a cattle health monitoring system to help prevent livestock diseases, such as foot-and-mouth disease using bio-sensors.

    What will you design?

    This is what actually i am going to build " CATTLE HEALTH MONITORING SYSTEM ".After going through all literature and taking live survey of few near by dairy farms i came to this shown design.
    Proposed plan : After observing dairy farms and their need i catogories my project into three tasks which consits of two node device and one msater device with webserver.How my plan will work? The purpose of Node device is to collect the data from sensor which will be attach on to cattle.Similarly another will aslo receive the data from sensore but of differnt one .Both node will send their data to Bridge/master device who will collect the data from node.After receiveing the data master device will send that data on webserver address where different sensor data will display.

  • Task1:Both node to whom sensor is attach will send data to master.
  • Task2:Master will send the received data from node to webserver.
  • Task3:Webserver will display the sensor data.
  • What materials & components will be used?

    1. Master design consits of:
      • 1)ESP 12E (server module)
        2)1K,10K,499ohm resistors,0.1uF,0.01uF capacitors
        3)Lithium Polymer Battery
        4)OLED Display
    2. Node design consits of:
      • 1)ESP 12E as node
        2)LM 35 / Pulse Sensor
    3. Necessary stuff:
      • 1)Push Buttons
        2)Pin header 2 by 2 smd
        3)SMD Header
        4)Connecting wires (Male -Female),(Female- Female)
        5)Fabric materials for smart belt

    Where will they come from?

    Most of the above componants are available in our Lab inventory excpet pulse sensor,ESP 8266 and battaery.Probabaly i am going to buy these componants from following online .

  • Robokits india/Pulse sensor
  • Robokits India/ESP 8266
  • How much will they cost?

      Componants Quantity Link of vendors Price
      1)ESP12E 03 Robokits India Rs.227
      2)LM 35 01 FAB Inventory Rs.140
      3)Pulse Sensor 01 Robokits India Rs.230
      4)Buzzer 01 FAB Inventory Rs.65
      5)LED'S 02 FAB Inventory
      6)Lithium Polymer Battery 01 Robokits India Rs.395
      7)5V Voltage regulator IC 01 FAB Inventory
      8)Push Buttons 01 FAB Inventory Rs.39
      9)Pin header 2 by 2 smd 04 FAB Inventory
      10)SMD Header 04 FAB Inventory
      11)Resonator 20 MHz,16 Mhz, 8Mhz 02 FAB Inventory Rs.9.91
      12)Connectiong wires (Male -Female),(Female- Female) 15 FAB Inventory

    What parts and systems will be made?

    3D printer machine

    3D CAD + 3d print case of Master and node boards

    Eagle + SRM 20 machine :

    Design + Fabrication of master and node electronic boards
    Finished half task ( Master board )

    Networking and communication week

  • Design a local web server
  • Establish the wireless communication between Master and node first and also Master & webserver
    Half task done
  • Output week

    Test I2C module with 16X2 LCD display.
    Finished task

    Input week:

    Interface and programmed the LM 35 sensor with Atmega 328p Board
    Finished task

    Interface and application

    Design an bluetooth based " mobile app " to show sensor data time to time
    Finished task

    Wildcard week:

    Design and making of Smart Fabric belt: This fabric belt will be manufactured in our " Vigyan Ashram Textile lab ".This belt will be used to hold the electronics caseing and put it into cattle's neck.

    What processes will be used?

  • Computer controlled cutting
  • 3D print
  • Electronics design
  • Electronics production
  • Input device
  • Output device
  • Interface and application
  • Networking and communication
  • What questions need to be answered?

  • Will atmega 328p board act as a server?
  • Will ESP 8266 board act as a client ?
  • Will LCD is capable of displaying the live data?
  • Will Client and server has estalblish a communication>
  • Will the sensor is working fine or not?
  • Will the sensor data is displying on local web server and monitoring the sensor data properly or not?
  • How will it be evaluated?

  • Mounting the sensors on client side
  • Establishing communication between server and client
  • Mounting LCD display on server side and displaying sensor data
  • Sensor are working well