Invention,Intellectual property and income

"Hi everyone ,Week 13 Invention,Intellectual property and income.

    Individual assignment

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  • Explore the Creative Commons licenses.
  • About Invention

    An invention is a unique or novel device, method, composition or process. The invention process is a process within an overall engineering and product development process. It may be an improvement upon a machine or product or a new process for creating an object or a result. An invention that achieves a completely unique function or result may be a radical breakthrough. Such works are novel and not obvious to others skilled in the same field. An inventor may be taking a big step toward success or failure. Some inventions can be patented. A patent legally protects the intellectual property rights of the inventor and legally recognizes that a claimed invention is actually an invention. The rules and requirements for patenting an invention vary by country and the process of obtaining a patent is often expensive.


    Inventions are of three kinds: scientific-technological (including medicine), sociopolitical (including economics and law), and humanistic, or cultural. Scientific-technological inventions include railroads, aviation, vaccination, hybridization, antibiotics, astronautics, holography, the atomic bomb, computing, the Internet, and the smartphone. Sociopolitical inventions comprise new laws, institutions, and procedures that change modes of social behavior and establish new forms of human interaction and organization. Examples include the British Parliament, the US Constitution, the Manchester (UK) General Union of Trades, the Boy Scouts, the Red Cross, the Olympic Games, the United Nations, the European Union, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as movements such as socialism, Zionism, suffragism, feminism, and animal-rights veganism. Humanistic inventions encompass culture in its entirety and are as transformative and important as any in the sciences, although people tend to take them for granted. In the domain of linguistics, for example, many alphabets have been inventions, as are all neologisms (Shakespeare invented about 1,700 words).

    Intellectual property

    Intellectual property is the creations of the minds of an individual which has a commercial and moral value. Intellectual property rights (IPR) grants exclusive rights to an author for utilizing and benefiting from their creation. However, IPR is limited in terms of duration, scope and geographical extent. IPR encourages creativity and permits the creator to benefit from the advantage arising out of their creation. These laws allow investors a fair return on their investments in the research and development fields.

    Classification of Intellectual property

    Intellectual property is classified into copyright,industrial rights, and neighbouring rights

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    PATENT : A patent is issued to protect an invention. It gives the holder the right to prevent anyone from making, using or selling the patented invention for a fixed time period (usually 20 years from filing date).

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    COPYRIGHT : A copyright protects artistic and literary work. The holder has complete rights and control over adaptation or reproduction of the work. Copyrights last for up to 70 years after the innovator’s death.

    Trademarks are distinctive phrases, words, symbols or signs. They distinguish services or products of one company from the others. Brands usually associate with distinctive trademarks.

    DESIGN :
    A design protects the outward appearance or the visual style of an object. It does not protect unseen design elements of the product.

    Database right is similar to copyright. It prevents copying of significant sections of a database. The database right protects the information itself and not the form of information.

    A trade secret is a practice, design, formula, process or a compilation of information. This information is utilized by a company to gain competitive advantage over the others. Trade secrets are not disclosed to the world. An example of intellectual property rights is the trade secrets obtained by Coca-Cola for its formula.

    Creative commons

    I went through all the information which i mentioned and try to undestand the things according my expectations.Finally i decided to go with creative commons open source licence.

  • Go to Creative commons website to fill the information. I filled the information which i mentioned below.
  • Step 1

  • Go to licence features
  • I allow adaptions of my work to be shared.
  • I didn't allow commercial uses of my work.
  • Step 2

  • After filling above information ,we can see selected licence attribution -Non commercial 4.0 International
  • Step 3

  • Then i filled the project work related information
  • Title of work,attribute of work to name,Attribute work to URL.
  • After doing all i also put the licence at the bottom of HTML page of all assignments.Please go through the bottom of this assignments to see the creative common lincence.

    Planing and Possibilities for future development of Project

    I am going to make the protoype of this project first and tried to help the farmers and owner of dairy farm to prevent the cattles from several dieases.This gives huge advatange to both famers as weel as cattles also.
    I keep this project is an open source commercial project.first i am going to deploy this module at our cattle shelter and test it performance in different possibilities.

    Once testing is done i will make this happen for a large dairy farms where hundred of cattles are there and that will be huge advantage for ownerto monitor the health of cattles as well.

    where you would fabricate and assemble your devices?

    For the fabrication i am thinking of to fabricate at Vigyan ashram.

    How you would distribute the devices (you directly, resellers, through internet, under the shape of a kit, etc)

    During finalization of idea of this project i had done survey of different cattles shelters and dairy farms to understand their problems.So i will try to communicate with them once again and then convience them to deploy this product on their field.

    Presentation slide & video: