Final Project Proposal

The initial idea of my final work is defined in the assignment of the week01, visit it for more information.

1. Approach

1.1. My initial IDEA

“Safety device adaptable to tool machines”

The started objective is to develop a sefety device adaptable to tool machines existing in mechanical workshops.

The device will be placed in front of the area of the machine where there is danger of entrapment or cut for the worker, it will work with infrared sensors capable of differentiating between the temperature of the human body and the rest of existing objects in the workshop. So, when a part of the human body invades the danger zone, the safety device will activate the emergency stop of the machine. If my device prototype works correctly, the next level would be to test it on several machines.

1.2. Sketch of my Final Project

1.3. Spiral Model Diagram

1.4. Name of my device

I have called the security device * “Infrared Window” * , since my idea is to join a series of consecutive links in the form of a chain.

This chain would be the frame of my window.

And the reading range of all the sensors mounted on each link in the chain would form the window glass.

If an attempt is made to pass through this imaginary glass with any member of the worker, the machine on which the window or safety device is mounted will stop.

2. Research

2.1. Background

According to the Regulations for application in Spain, non-portable motor-driven machines must comply with legal requirements detailed in Royal Decree 1644/2008 of October 10, which establishes the “rules for the marketing and commissioning of machines ”, which transposes directive 2006/42 / CE, and Royal Decree 1215/1997, of July 18, which establishes the“ minimum health and safety provisions for the use by workers of work equipment ” . These requirements are necessary to ensure the physical integrity of the workers who use them.

Among the organs and safety elements that include the machines are the stop. Regarding these, in addition to organs for “general stop” and “stop from the workplace”, the machines must have “emergency stop”. The placement of an emergency stop device only makes sense in the event that the stop time it allows to obtain is clearly shorter than that obtained with the normal stop or when access to the normal stop is disabled, which requires a premature detection and effective subsequent braking.

In addition to the previous stop elements, all of manual type, there are others of automatic type. Among these there are various technologies and systems, such as photoelectric cells, ultrasonic sensors, sensitive carpets, etc. They generally consist of a sensor element that detects the presence of a person or part of their body in an area where they should not be and that generate an alarm situation and / or automatic equipment shutdown.

2.2. Justification

In spite of the systems described above, the number of accidents that occur in this type of machines is still very high, so it is necessary to research and develop these new technologies that help reduce workplace accidents.

The technologies mentioned do not discern between the presence of a part of the human body or materials or objects of the workshop. For this reason I propose for my final work the incorporation of infrared sensors that are capable of making this difference when the danger zone is invaded by a worker.

With my security device I want to prevent things like this from happening:

All the videos of entrapment accidents that I found were quite unpleasant. This being a cartoon, is graphic but at least you will not want to leave my website.

It is not necessary to be Gore

What I want to happen is that the machine stops only when the unconscious worker who appears in the video suffers the danger of entrapment.

The approach of my final project I have collected in this slide that I made for the assignment of week 14.