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Nanditha Indira

I’m Nanditha. I have been working with the Balaramapuram and Chendamangalam handloom weavers of Kerala since 2012. This pushed me towards a product design career. My experience with magazine editing has given me enough background knowledge to understand good design practices. I co-founded Travancurio, a design collective, that tries to revive traditional crafts with good design and fair trade practices. Other than textiles I work with wood, screwpine, seeds. I also like to upcycle and repurpose waste materials. My work exposed me to CNC Routers, Laser Cutters, Welders and 3D printers. Not having the necessary knowledge to do the work myself limited my output. Learning machine design, electronics design, pcb making, embedded programming and prototyping is just what I need at this point.
This said my primary job has always been that of a cat butler to 6 six cats- Lilly, Daisy, Pumba, Neela, Ittikora, Christmas Momo and their minion - Padmini the dog. The cat family has expanded recently with the fosters from the lab- Fiore Catile, Leo Artec, CTMega and CTTiny. A paraplegic member also joined this family- Bob. Besides these guys Pablo and Lolita lives with our friend in Kodencherry and Saraswathy the beauty lives with my parents at Kottayam. Gogol and Puttalu left us forever. I prefer to use Indira(a Portmanteau of the names of my parents) rather than my official second name Nair, which denotes a caste.
PC:Amarinder Singh