2. Project management

The first week of Fab Academy was pretty overwhelming and informative. I started learning how to make a website and how to use git to document my progress in Fab Academy. I came up with a first idea for a final project and gave it some thoughts which was the goal besides documenting what I did.

Making a website using markdown

Before learning how to upload a website to my repository using git, I had to learn how to make a website.
The tool of my choice for that is a html editor called Brackets. I am using Markdown, a tool to convert plain text into html. In order to enjoy the benefit of a live preview, in installed a Brackets extension called Markdown Preview.
The written text can be formated relatively easy by using simple characters:
* # in front of a line makes a headline, ## makes it a headline of second degree, etc.. * Regularely written letters without any non-alphanumerical character in front of them are presented as regular text. * ‘ ‘(two blanks in a row) end a line with a linebreak and the following text starts in a new line. * A blank line between two lines makes a new paragraph.

Images can also be added easily with ![Alt text](/path/to/img.jpg), whereas [Alt text] is the text that is shown when the image isn’t available for any reason whatsoever. (/path/to/img.jpg) is the path that leads to the image, relative to the file you’re working in at the moment.
./ moves up one folder in the hierachy.

Videos can be added by linking to platforms that are hosting them. I chose YouTube. After uploading a video on YouTube a click on ‘SHARE’ and then on ‘EMBED’ leads to a couple of lines of code that can be embedded in the document and then show the linked video on the website.

Uploading my repository using git

A big advantage of websites is that they are mostly available to people using a computer nearly everywhere on the third planet of our solar system. Therefore, it makes sense to upload a website to a server and make it accessible to others without the need of having the own computer being turned on all the time. During Fab Academy we’re using GitLab to upload our content to the internet.

The first step doing this is to log in at gitlab.fabcloud.org to generate the SHH Key. Therefore, in Git Bash I used the command
ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C "hannes.jaschinski[at]hochschule-rhein-waal.de"
to generate a key in Git Bash and then pasted it to https://gitlab.fabcloud.org/profile/keys/1552.
Afterwards I used the command
git clone git@gitlab.fabcloud.org:academany/fabacademy/2020/labs/kamplintfort/students/hannes-jaschinski.git
to clone the git repository from GitLab.

After working on the content that I wanted to upload, I added the files to the git directory using the command
git add .
and commited it with the command
git commit -m "commit message".
The upload to the server is done with
git push.