RC Car..

It was a dream for me to build an wireless remote control car in my young age.But, due to some lack of knowledge in electronics, programing and digital-Fabrication. I was not able to build.

Hence, I choose to build my own RC Car, with my own design.

For this, wireless communication. I use nRF24L01 (transreceiver module.

Started with the difficut Part.

As I was not sure about programing nRF24L01. I search some of the website to do some trial-test. After a long search and little tinkering, I was about to find a nice documentation of nRF24L01 module with anntenna.(click here to see the documentation)[https://howtomechatronics.com/tutorials/arduino/arduino-wireless-communication-nrf24l01-tutorial/ ]

This documentation is also work with the antenna module too.

After, going to the documentation, which was the 1st test. I did with the module and video.

After, understanding the code. I started, to test with motor. The motor, I used is 12V gear motor. Initially, I made a transistor circuit to drive the motor. This is the circuit diagram, I used.

but with this circuit. I was not able to do revers drive. After that only I came to know about h-bridge. Making a H-bridge with transistor was a pain. So, I used ” L293D motor driver IC “. This made my work simpler…

After building that, I made this test.