This documentation, is about making your own ESP32 mcu, and my learning outcomes which making them.

This documentation, is not fully complete

Design of ESP32 S2 Board. (Test - 1 )

In this design, I have connect Boot button to GPIO-46, which not do be done, but that button should be connected to GPIO-0(which is most common in many ESP boards).

Error in the Test-1 Schmatic of ESP32S2

After find out the issue, during debugging, I was successfully, able to programe my ESP32S2 board with FTDI(commerical board “FT232RL”, by using UART protocol).

Below is the working Video

After, Successfully testing the board, I also tested the wifi connectivity with board, but this time, I think I have did some mistake.

This is the Video.. which shows, the ESP32S2 was not able to detect the wifi network around me!!

Still Some debugging has to be done, to make complete documentation.