13.Interface & Applications.

This week is intereseting week, were I should make a inface and from that I need to control my hardware application.

The Applications, I learned this week, was:

  • tkinter (python).

  • MIT Inventory App

  • Processing Garphics Software.

In the week of inputs, I tried to make a interface which reads the data from arduino and python tries to get the data the print in the serial, monitor but it got It got failed.

Due to the usage of different Version, I could get it.

Then, I tried to install my pyserial but the system could not able read to python3 or python2.7.. After this when, I typed import serial there was an error message indicating

Then this was strange and I started to debug and found a issue.

Later, I reinstalled my python2.7 and python3 and these were the results.

Here is the pictue (indicating that).

The Serial Communication working in Python2.7

The Serial Communication working in Python3

then, I though it would be a version issue.

In 2.7 version of serial command is not used in version 3 of python. Hence there must be different command for the python 3 for the serial communication. After this I didn’t went to debug these issue.

So, then I started to make a interface using python2.7.

Then here is a small GUI with Tkinker in python..

The MIT App Inventory.

This is a other, “Cool Application” this application made creating of android apps in a easy fashion…

I followed some of the tutorial to develop a app. I also gone through the prior years works with mit app inventory and they were using bluetooth module to control the serial comunication.

But, I my case, I don’t have a bluetooth module to make them.. Then , I search for other ways, of controlling. Then, I found there was 2 extra ways to controlling it.

  • OTG Cable.
  • Wifi module.

Thank god, I had these modules in my home. The WIFI module was ESP01 module.. But after searching in google and youtube. I found that the people in the video were using a app which was developed by a 3rd party and they were using that…

and I thought if this app as, both GUI way of coding and Normal way Coding (like in Android Studio). It will be better to coding, if the GUI code were wasn’t their.

Then, Left the MIT Appm Inventory..

The Processing Software.

Actually, I use to write my codes in Arduino “C” and I found this processing sowftware is easy to making graphic design with ardunio codes..

Actually, I begin with some tutorials…to learn it (But, Initailly I also found difficult in using and by constant usage, it was easy.)

then, I strated to make a Graphics design for my Group.....

This are the IMAGES …

Then, I started to do an Interface (It is a basic-one).

From this Video. you might think that circuit is lager… but the circuit is a simple LED circuit.

The codes for above is here....