1. Project Management

A Brief Intro

In this page, I will mention, how did I created my static website.... for creating Static webpages for free you can use, Mkdocs static webpage generator or jeykyll were you can get a template for free in github and you can use it for creating your own personal webpages....

In my starting stage..... I used gitlab(GUI),which the in-build platform for editing, visualsing, the webpage… for that I have given the steps to, which should be follwed...... Gitlab will give you the real experiences of codes, and to learn the logics of the language, behined the screens, It also provide help to other for upgarding the existing version…

Fab academy has upload some documentation in gitlab, Using Fab cloud.

So, this will teach you the basics of creating webpages and hosting webpages in a easy way......


A Day after Fab Academy’s Introduction by Mr.Neil on (29-01-2020).

The 1st thing, I did on my 1st day was seeing Neil’s video of Principles and Practices of 2019. This video was little bit similar to 2020’s presentation.

I was told to watch the video and try to make notes out of it. For example what I didn’t understood?, what I understood?, the key points and many. This helped me to understanc better, moreover, this method consumed more time.

Hence, Please try to go through the video and you need not by heart or memorize, these concept.(Because, I did it, hence it took me 3 hours, to make the notes but, I had understood only some.)

Later, My Guruji Mr.Richard questioned me regarding the video and he tried to understand my knowledge some the video.

Moreover, In the 1st day, I didn’t get use to the technical terms. Like “Repository” , ” Version Control “, and some other.

After the questionary. He assigned me 3 steps to do. * Create an account on Fablabs.io * Login to Gitlab with Fablabs. * Modify/ Edit your page.(this assignment, I hadn’t did on the day 1 ).

With this he as assigned some homeworks that are: * work with Markdown tutorial * decided your Final Project and Make a Rough Sketch

Here is Some Steps where you can sign in FabLab.io

1. Step-Search FabLab in Internet

2. Click “Sign up

3. Fill all the details and new account is created.

If you forgot your password

4. If you forgot your password. An email is sent to your email id. Then your allowed to change the password.

5. Then enter a new password.

6. After Resenting the password. You login in to your account.

Here is Some Steps where you can sign in Gitlab (Only for students who have access from fablab).

Initally Check your mail. Regarding Fablab or Gitlab did you recived any email.


Click fablabs for Sign in, in Gitlab.

Click Forgot Password. This will hyperink to a page and enter you email id.

Enter your new password in the given blanks

With User id and New password sign in the GitLab

Hence, You have Successful login in Gitlab.

With this the Day 1 of the week, is over

Moreover, I had a problem. I could able to download Git in my Mac for the 1st time.

As the days past by I have did it successfully and I also started using Markdown (Webpage Editor) from Markdown tutorial.


In day 2, I understood, how to use Markdown Language in Gitlab.

Practice the Markdown tutorial because, it helped me a lot in the initail stage.

But while creating my webpage. I did’nt know the terms like Master, Branch, and other terms. So I have initally created many branches. In the later stage, I realised in using it.

In very beginning, I attached my all details in Assignment page later, when my webpage became live then I realised about the Edit menu and changed all and It became easier to use.

Hence, I recommend all to see some gitlab tutorials videos before doing it.

I started to editing the page.

When I edited the initially, I found some trouble in adding image. From then I started to investigate the error. It was just a Syntax while is been mistaken. For example, “When you didn’t mention the picture location correctly the image will not be visible in the perview of markdown page”.

A Good thing about the Gitlab is you can perview your page in “Perview Markdown”.

Then, I hyperlinked some of my youtube videos in my webpage.

There are many ways in which you can upload videos. Some of the are: * Hyperlinking the link. * Embeding the video to the webpage. * Uploading the video to Gitlab and use the correct syntax in which you can see in your webpage

I have tried the 1st, 2 methods in
this week and I also tried the 3rd method using the syntax of photo.Moreover, it didn’t worked.

The challenges in Day 2

I counldn’t make the characters bold, while using the list command.

Fornt End (Error, this is using “Perview Markdown”)

Back End (Error, this is using “Edit in GitLab”)

Then the other Challenge was

I couldn’t view my embed video in “Perview Makdown”

Fornt End View

Back End View


On this day, My webpage was active and saw I saw my webpage, but one major error, as i told. I have realised that, I have posted about me details in Assignment week01 page. Hence I corrected it.

A Message For the Day I have learned from a mistake. hence, I say the new user learn or try something and make error so you will learn in a better way.

Then, I searched about Git and learned how to use Git in Mac OS. Moreover, I learned How To Install Git in Mac There are
some video, in which you can go through about Git.

On this day, The embed video is visible in my live page. But I foundn’t find in preview Markdown page

## To Know about Gitlab (Please watch the video below or click Here)

To Know about “How To Install Git in Mac”

With this, I Started to type and attach my Documents in the Assignments page “WEEK 01”

Moreover, From the Initail days I forgot to attach the details about the “compressing photos” and “reducing photos

Anyway I would attach my playlist “screen recording” in day to day bases, moreover, it is Uncut Video, hence, I request the people to watch the video patiently for your understanding. In the upcoming days the video would be trimmed as per parts and You will get it in the end of every week.


In day 4, I started to Upload my screen recording in youtube. Also, I edited my “about me” webpage. In this day, I also started to edited my Index page.

In day 4, I Found only these two problems were over taking my time. * Uploading all the screen recording videos in the youtube and making it as a playlist ” FABLAB Week01”.

while, uploading the videos I learned, something about youtube setting and especially How to upload a video, which is
more than 15 mins

You can check this to by Clicking here

  • The photos upload in the gitlab are viewed only in the “perview markdown” but not in the my live page.

    I have tried many times but I couldn’t did it.

Image in the Preview Markdown of “Index page”

This Image is not visible in the live page.

till this I have done for the day.

Day 5

In day 5, I have spend my time in sketching the final project, a little bit time in solving the previous errors , then upload the documentation in the Gitlab, then I spend the time in watching recitation class.

Atlast in the coming weeks, I figure out, why this error was happening… It was due to the improper file path… I didn’t gave a proper file path, hence the error was existed for a week....

then, for a quick change, I uploaded all my photos in pininterst and embeded the photo in my website.....

later, people who visted my website, said that your picture are bur.... so to rectify this I upload all my Huge size photo in pininterest and pasted the photos url in the manner…


hence, this solved my issue in reducing the my repo size and with having high quality images....

In meanwhile, i did my daily documentation in Gitlab.

That’s it for the day 5.

Day 6

In day 6, I did a very necessary thing. I posted my issue, for the 1st time in the gitlab. It was very easy and Simple. With this steps:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Finally, You have posted th issuse

Then I completed the Agreement Page by attaching photo of the agreement copies, then I had a meeting with my regional heads in hangouts.

Then I learned about cloning of https in gitlabs. This was very simple then I downloaded Sublime to see my repo in my local repository(Laptop).arose

Then I spended some time in seeing to hand Mac easier with short cuts and tricks.

These some useful video which hepled my to process my waork in Mac faster.

That’s it for the day.

Day 7

On this day, I was tring to debug my issuse but due to poor pipeline connection I could’nt to do it.

Then I spend some time in hearing reciation class, And I tried to clone my repo by using SSH method. Initailly, the https method was easiler till copy pasting the URL of public key like:

git clone [URL of https]

but For SSH is different.

Step 1. Type “ssh-keygen -t rsa -C “your email”

Step 2. Just press entre, Moreover don’t type anything for the 1 and for 2 that is passpharse your can type any thing.

Step 6. Type “git clone [paste the url]”

Step 7. You have successfully, created the ssh file.

Moreover, please be carefull in the Step 2, it be me to think more than 7 hours to solve it. If You have entered the file name in the step 2 then you have to locate the file and delect that .ssh file. This .ssh file is hidden file, please see to it. For mac users, watch the below video to get accesss from hidden file. Then start from step 1.

Atlast, I was ready to attend the video call. Which is organised on every wednesday. After, upload the day 7 screenrecordings and attached some photos regarding the issue.

Then, That’s it for the day.

The above things are done while you’re in online.... but git also offers some access to your repository, where you can change while offline, and upload while online....

For this you need to clone your repository to your local computer......

For Cloneing I used HTTPS for free access for easy download........

The Changes, while cloneing

Then, Some important commands, You should keep in your mind....

  • git init ( To initialis git or activate)......

  • git add -A (This command Add all the changes in your local Repository),,,

  • git status (This checks that modifications and it is used to verify the changes before we commit....)

  • git commit -m “The msg for commit” (This command saves all the changes in your local and global repository)

  • git push (This command instructs the global repository to change as per local repository so the webpage will be opperatered form local Repo… )

  • git pull (This command will update your local repo, if you change your global repo.....)

Some Important Command in git, The underlined lines are the commands.......

The very important thing is WIX is totally different from Git . Wix is pick and place software, where you learn build your website without the knowledge of coding.... but git provides a online storage area which is called to be Repository… where you can store informations get information, and also you can down-grade or upgrade your site.. you can provide information of your development to others.. Ultimatly this focus on coding, developing and learning, which called as web-development.......

As, I began my journey of web-development, I used the default mkdocs which was provided by fabacademy and Mkdocs is a easy wed development language… where you will get more infromation in the google by search the name “mkdocs language”............ Moreover in my page, I also provided link, where I learned some mkdocs codes with that, I also started search in google to get more commands in mkdocs to develop my page.

This details should be follwed after, you got some experience in using mkdocs, gitlab, git, github, etc… Actually, when you started to focus on templets or layouts… there is a separate file called .yml this file is different for different templets or layouts. So, mkdocs use this .yml file to edit there layouts…

So, In my layout.. I just changed the colour..... I think this picture will make you understand better…

Creation of file and delecting a file can be done in 2 methods.......

In gitlab you can modify the files.......

In my case, I use terminal method to change or modify my files

but in gitlab, to replace or delect the file. You should go into the file, which you want to delect or replace..

then are 2 tabs to like in the picture.....

to replace a file


Terminal(Mac and linux) & git-bash for Windows.......

In the Terminal and git-bash follows same command......

  • For making a Folder mkdir foldername

  • For removing a Folder or file rm foldername (or) rm filename

  • To go inside a Folder cd foldername

  • For coming outside a Folder cd ../

  • For making a File touch filename.md (the .md (markdown) is the file extension)

Hence, this are the basic terminal commands which should be known..... for videos go through the webpage..

As I mentioned about the video in youtube.

The Interested people can view my youtube playlist Uncut Version of the week 1 in FabLab

You Can Watch here too

For All the weeks video you can catch over here.