IP_Camera Live Stream

This is an IP Camera.. (setup made by myself) with Raspiberrypi 3B+ and motion eye OS.

This camera can be seen outside your network and it will let others to see also(unless you share your port number and public IP)

To do this you need a static IP Address.. and your going to do port forwarding, hence for the you need a router and you should login to your router.

For the initial setup of Motion Eye OS in your raspiberrypi you could see this video.. This video was helpful for me in setting up Motion Eye OS, in my raspiberry..

Set your IP Address in Raspiberry pi to manual as shown..

And type the gateway.. as metioned in your router.. (This very important step, Which I figure out later....)

Also set these details in livestreaming tab....

After, this you should need a Static IP… and You can check you IP by typing “my ip address” in google.

To know your IP is static or dynamic check see here

Once you have your Static IP , you should know enable port forwarding.. in your router page..(This is differenent as many router has different settings)..

For Video the tutorial of IP camera, see here…

but, in this video, the person didn’t metion about static IP and Entering default gateway… which, are very important steps..... for making an IP camera… Rest all were.. correct about the video…

to Know more check MotionEyeOS

This is the Video.. showing how IP camera works…