About me…


Hello Folks

I am Sreedhar RP( Ramaswamy Pushparaj ). A 12th (CBSE) completed guy in India(2019). Basically, I am interested in bulding, creating technological stuff and I love it very much. From my schooling, I have did some remarkable stuff with my friends. In that way, I have found my interest in designing, building robots, programing and all Technological Stuffs

My Place

My Fab Academy

My Story

Before getting into the story. I would like to introduce about the Main charachter. That’s Me, Sreedhar RP. A student, who as completed 12th grade__and looking forward to do __my UnderGrade in the late 2020. I born in an Industrial city of Tamil NaduHOSUR”.

Moreover, I personally loved to be a Maker, Hacker.

From My Childhood, I used to play with electronics,(making a bit of Revers Engineering and many.) But As the days passes by, my imagination level were so tremends, that I could’nt do, what I thought. As had no basic kownledge of electronics, robotics, design, and many. I have failed to try the next level of imagination. From then I started to limit my imagination. Later, after completing the burden 12th high school. I looked at world, and I searched more about doing things than learning.

I travelled to many places to see what people are doing (dakar, ahmedabad(CEPT), singapore), and I also spend some time with my relatives, friends, cousins, this helped to find the path to the fablab. With a strong discussion with my Maternal Uncle, I got to known about Fablab. From that day, I have target to get into Fablab and absorb all skills. To be the developer as I thought.

At Present

From the day 1. I find more pro-active about myself and I am feeling execited to work and learn each day with the machines, surrounded by me. I wish this execitment long last for ever.

Previous work

I have done many Works.

Have a look at it .

My 1st Mars Rovar (Designed By ME) in “Space Center Houston, USA”


Time To Pray (My 1st Model (“Shiva Linga”) with colour changing lights for my math group project)

My 1st Success

My Robot is ready for the Competition.


This is the Recent Project(2019)

A Trip To Space

This is my project (2016) as the Project Organiser. I did it, with my school friends and juniors for the School Expo of 2016. By the way video is taken by my MOM.

My Initial Ideas for my Final Projects

This are the challenging Projects, which struck into my mind after joining the Fab Academy. The projects are:

  • Decagon
  • Stencil Cutter
  • Smart Bin 2.0 (evolved Version)

DECAGON (Based on structal design of the Robots and wireless communication)

This is an inspirational thought from “BIG HERO 6“movie”.

In which, this robot is not having nuro-transmitter to control from brain, but is is designed to have some structes, in which, it can segregate, its whole body into 10 parts and reunite, if necessary. It is remotely controled by RX and Tx each part.

Stencil Cutter (Based on My Father’s Idea)

As my father was worried about painting the job’s name in the heavy fabricated machinaries. In a visit he was found a laser cutting machine and he shared his Idea to make a Stencil Cutter machine similar as laser cutter machine to make stencil. Moreover, painting the job’s name is tedious, time conuming and high labour work. To reduce his effort, I accpted to do it, as one of my final project.

Smart Bin 2.0 (Evolved version)(Based on My Idea)

To Watch Video of Smart Bin 2.0

SMART BIN 2.0 is the Recent Project(2019)

From the name you could have gussed it. It is a dust-bin which has an AI in it. This AI scans every waste which is being thrown inside it. Moreover with the help of Image processing the AI trys to identify the waste and segregate it. The AI not only segreate the waste but also gives the data of the waste, which is being thrown at that location. With this data we could reuse the waste 100% efficiently without using our resource. Hence, to develop this project futher, I included into my final project. The reason, for which I have choosen this project because, this could help many start up based on waste-reuse. For example: In Andhra Pradesh, A man is convert the plastics to petrol by depolymerization. Hence he need plastic to synthesis it. so, this segregation would help him to obtain proper waste to manufacture his products.

Plastic to petrol manufaturing news video.