Week08. Computer controlled machining

This week, we will create machine tools that are not large enough to be made on the desk.

Group Assignment

The content of our group assignment is here
Week08 Group Assignment


In the case of woodworking, the weight of the material is.
Therefore, I felt it would be better to take a tight offset so that it does not fall off under its own weight

Computer controlled machining


  • Place

  • Cut target

    • Plywood(1200mm * 1200mm * 15mm)
      • actual measured value is 1.48mm
  • Cut Machine

    • Shopbot Full-Size 10151
      • Shopbot
  • Used Software

    • Fusion 360
    • Vcarve


I decided to create a seat. I tried to bend the backrest.

  • Design

    • seatchairDesign
  • Parameters

    • seatchairParameters
  • Rendering

    • Seatchair

If export sketches as they are, construction lines will be included in the exportfile. I have projected a face, generate a new sketch and export it.

  • Projection

    • Projection
    • Projection2
  • Export dxf file

    • SeatchairParts

Generate Cutting path

Edit the data for processing using Vcarve.

  1. Open Vcarve
  2. Job Setup

    • Setting
    • Job Size
      • 1200 * 1200 * 14.8
    • Z zero position
      • Machine bed
        • In order to prevent cutting too deeply when processing.
    • JobSetup
  3. Import dxf file

    • VcarveImport
  4. Join Vectors

    • If the lines are not joined, all data can not be processed.
    • VcarveJoin
  5. Add fillet

    • Setting
    • Fill the tool radius size
      • tool diameter is 1/4inch
    • dog bone fillet
    • VcarveFillet
    • It is necessary to put it in order to prevent it from entering if the corner is rounded.
  6. Line up

    • seat parts * 10
    • side parts * 2
    • VcarveLineup
  7. Bis point setting

    • Designate a point to strike a screw to prevent movement of the board.
    • create Another layer.
    • VcarveBis
  8. Using tool setting

    • VcarveTools
  9. Add Tab

    • Add tabs to prevent parts from flying.

    • VcarveTab

    • Generate cut path

    • Output each processing path.




Processing with ShopBot.
Wear the following when using.

  • Protective eyewear
  • Earplug


  • Open ShopBot
  • Select Cutpart

    • ShopbotCutPart
  • How to Move

    • ShopbotUI
    • ShopbotReal
  • How to Move Z-0 position

    1. Click Z icon

      • Shopbotz0
    2. Set Z-0 Tools

      • Shopbotz0tools
  • Start Cut

    1. Click Start

      • ShopbotStart
    2. Start Vacuum cleaner

      • ShopbotVacuum
    3. Insert Key

      • ShopbotInsertKey
    4. Start Spindle

      • ShopbotStartSpindle
    5. Processing

      • ShopbotAllok
  • Result

    • result


Assemble and check. … I didn’t turn very well.



The load was concentrated at the base of the backrest and cracked.
When I checked the cracked area, the wood was not full enough.

I think that design bends more in the lateral direction than in the longitudinal direction.
The direction in which my backrest bends is vertical.

I made a big one, but I felt it better to make one that can withstand everyday use.
With regard to bending, it is better to make and try a lot more prototypes.