Week05. Electronics production

This week, I learn about the following.

  • In the group assignment, investigate the characteristics of the milling machine.

  • Create a writer for the circuit board used in the final project.

1. Research in Group assignment

1-1. Envilonment

1-2. Measuring cut line

fabmodules generates machining paths from monochrome images.
Therefore, what kind of path is generated when actually used is examined.
Also, confirm the actual processing result.

trace & interior image to be processed were prepared.

  • used trace
    • trace
  • used interior

    • interior
  • When setting fabmodules and machining at a depth of 0.3 mm,
    it was only able to scrape the surface as it scratched.

    • trace
  • When it was set to 0.4 mm, it was scraped.
    However, whether the processed surface was tilted, the left side was not yet scraped.

    • trace
  • So we decided to process on the right side.
    The result was beautifully scraped.

    • trace
  • The cut position is like this

    • trace

The result is as follows.

  • It seems good to scraped with 0.4mm.
    • Be careful as it may not be possible to shave depending on the position.
    • The position is recommended in the center.
  • Concave machining pass is generated from 0.016 inch.
  • Processing of convex surfaces is almost done well, but it is better to leave as much as concave.

2. Electronics Prduction

I decided to create Hello.ISP.44.res.cad with Electronics Production.
FabTiny ISP was recommended, but I heard that it is not stable.

  • used trace
    • trace
  • used interior

    • interior
  • machine & tool is same used in group assignment

2-1. Substrate processing

  1. fabmodules setting (trace)

    • cut depth = 0.4mm
  2. fabmodules setting (interior)

    • cut depth = 1.8mm
      • cut each 0.6mm
  3. check & cleaning

    • processing
  4. Preparation for soldering

    • Search
      • Search trees in the forest
    • Line up
      • lineup
  5. Soldering

    • soldering

2-2. Programing Writer

  1. I made the settings according to Tutorial(for Windows).

  2. Wireing

    • error messages
  3. It does not work

    • I also tried Ubuntu on Windows, but I could not do it.
      • error messages
  4. Recheck

    • There was a part that was not soldered.(no image)
  5. Resoldering

    • soldering
  6. Resetting

    • I finally succeeded by making a Make from the Windows command prompt.
    • soldering
    • soldering
    • soldering
  7. Looking for USBtiny in device manager

    • soldering
  8. Hero shot

  9. Heroshot

I do too many things on the way and I do not know how I came this way.
I would like to keep track of what I did, so that it will not happen from the next time.

2-3. Probably the necessary application