Week18. Wildcard week - Embroidery

This week, I embroidered my handkerchief with a sewing machine.


The following sewing machines were used.

  • HyperCraft 900

    • A sewing machine sold by a company called Janome in Japan.
      This can be performed by manual straight sewing or embroidery with an attachment.
    • machine
  • Attachment for embroidery

    • Attach the attachment to the back of the sewing machine and set the frame there and use it.
    • attachment
    • frame
  • shishu_pro

    • Software for creating data for embroidery.


The data to be embroidered used the following.

  • logo

Created data for embroidery from this image.

  1. Open Shishu_Pro
    • shishupro
  2. Select AutoPunch
    • autopunch
  3. Select Logo Data
    • Select data to embroider
  4. Select the area to embroider
  5. Change Size
  6. Thread setting
    • The color here is easier to understand if it is closer to the actual color when sewing.
  7. Export Data
    • Export the created data.
      The sewing machine can not read unless the save destination has the following folder configuration.
    • [USBroot]\EMB\embf\


  • The following thread was used for embroidery.

    • threads
  • Thread Setting

    • Most sewing machines have the same way of setting threads,
      and be careful because the sewing machines will stop halfway if they are not set in order.
    • Thread guide
  • Import Data

    • At this time, only the embf folder is displayed on the display.
    • import
  • Embroider

    • Set a thread according to each color and embroider
    • Embroidery
  • Result

    • Result