Week07. Electronics design

This week, I did the following.

  • Group Assignment

    • Verify the operation of the circuit created using the oscilloscope.
  • Individual Assignment

    • Create circuits created by yourself.
    • Write the program to the circuit with the programmer created in Week 5

Group Assignment

The content of our group assignment is here
Week07 Group Assignment


I thought that the output of the signal of the alphabet with a clear waveform is a good example that it can be understood that the digital data consists of all 1/0.

Electronics design

I designed the circuit using Eagle.
The procedure was as follows.
See the tutorial for usage

Project Settings

  1. Download the library to use with FabAcademy.

  2. Import library

    • Options -> Directories -> Libraries
      • Enter the library path
      • EagleLibrary
  3. The library is displayed.

    • DisplayLibrary

Electronics Design

Schematic Design

  1. Create New Project

    • File -> New -> Project
    • NewProject
  2. Create Schematic

    • File -> New -> Schematic
  3. Add Modules (add command)

    • AddModule
    • Too Many Modules…
  4. Reduce Libraries

    • Select a library you do not use and select Use None
    • ReduceLibraries
    • Reduced libraries
    • ReducedLibraries
  5. Write schematic…

    • 5V&GND not found
  6. Reuse Libraries

    • ReducedLibraries
  7. Using Modules Lineup

    • ReducedLibraries
  8. Wiring while watching the following images

    • Wiring
  9. Just move it, the line does not come

    • tipMove
  10. When you move with MoveGroup, the line also comes in

    • tipMoveGroup
  11. Result

    • Result
  12. Check ERC

    • Tools -> ERC
    • ERC

From here, add LEDs and switches
Make the following wiring

  • Connect LED to PA7
  • Connect a switch to PA3, and if not pressed with a pull-up resistor, set the voltage to be applied.

  • Add LED & Switch

    • The switch has a pull-up resistor so that the normal state is HIGH, and becomes LOW when pressed.
      If do not put anything, the state will not be stable.
    • AddLEDandSwitch
  • Overall

    • Overall

Board Design

  1. Switch Board

    • board
  2. Settings

    • Since the grid is not displayed, therefore, make display settings of the grid Draw a line every 0.05 inches
    • setting
  3. It was impossible to wire the switch to PA3
    Use the pin on the left according to the location of the switch

    • Change PA3 to PB3
  4. Result

    • result
  5. Check DRC

    • Perform design rule check
    • Change the clearance to 0.4 mm
    • DRC
  6. Fix the error

    • Air Wire mean not connect
    • wire Stab mean overlap
    • Fix
  7. Write Outline

    • Outline
  8. Export

    • 800 dpi
    • monochrome
    • export
    • export
    • export

To Cutout

I Cut it like Week 5.

  1. Cutout
    • shaveoff
  2. Line up
    • export
  3. Soldered
    • export
  4. Connect
    • export


Using Tool & Software