About me

Hi! I am Yozi Shimakawa. I am an Programmer.

I was born and raised in Japan.
I can only speak a little English, but I have always wanted to attend this class, so I would like to do my best.

My Motivation

I read “FAB” book when I was a college student and I know the existence of this lesson.

Since then I thought that I wish I could take this lesson.
And I think that I am very fortunate given the opportunity to attend this year.

Skills before taking classes

  • Programming
    • java
      • oracle certified java 6 SE & java EE5 web component developer
    • C#
    • SQL
      • oracle Bronze
    • Unity
    • HTML & CSS
  • 3D modeling
  • Musics
    • Wwise
      • Wwise-101, Wwise-201, Wwise-251, Wwise-301

Skills acquired after class

  • Project Design
  • Project Management
    • Flow to complete the project
  • Electronics
    • Eagle
    • Knowledge and skills to create circuits
  • Programming
  • Molding & Casting
    • How to make a mold