Week01. Principles and practices

My Project 3 (Current as 4/15)

I have no idea what I want to make.
So I decided to make a little present for Father’s Day. My Father likes Sake.
And In Japan, we drink Sake by warming and cooling it.
So I used the Peltier element to make something to warm and cool sake.



What it will do

Use to cool or warm sake and drink according to their mood.

Who will use it

People who drink sake (here for the father).


The other half is over, so I do what I learned in the previous week, using my spare time.

  • Week13: Applications and implications
  • 3D Design + 3D Printing & Moldings
    • Cast a Choko
  • Week14: Networking and communications
  • Input & Output Device
  • Week15: Mechanical design
  • Mechanical design & Assemble
  • Week16: Interface and application programming
  • Create a program for temperature control
  • Week17: Machine design
  • Week18: Wildcard week
  • Week19: Invention, intellectual property and income
  • Week20: Project development
  • Make it

Other projects (Abandoned)

My Project 1


My Project 2

The antenna portion for reading data of the IC tag is a conductive thread.
Then, by sewing the IC tag portion around the button and the antenna portion around the button hole,
it is determined whether or not the button position is present when the button is attached.