Week03. Computer Aided design

In this week, I will try to do something with some software about computer aided design.

0 Try use new Software

About the tool used for the first time, write the impression used below.

  • FreeCad

    • I think that it becomes clearer if optional functions such as Ship and Robot are made into add-ons etc., with the functions necessary as CAD as the core

    • I think that it will take time to master this

1 Research For FinalProject

Used Applications

1-1 Clip Studio Paint

ClipStudioPaint is a raster 2D design software.
It is mainly used to create illustrations using a pen tablet.

Write one of the ideas of FinalProject using a pen tablet

  • Paint

1-2 InkScape

Create a FABLAB logo using Inkscape.

  • Inkscape

It turned out that it was easy to write if the following was noticed.
Place the upper ellipse by rotating it by 120 degrees.
Arrange the lower left rectangle by rotating it by 120 degrees.
After that, devise the display order of layers.

Line boundaries are very clean.

1-3 GIMP

Create a FABLAB logo using GIMP.

  • GIMP

In the case of GIMP, ellipses and squares can be created by filling the selected area.
By rotating this, a logo could be created as well.

Line boundaries are rough compared to vector formats such as Inkscape.

1-4 Fusion 360

Create 3DModel Button for Final Project 2

  • Choko

The bottom and top of the 3D model are drawn to have a silver ratio when drawing a Choko drawing.

  • ChokoDesign

Rendered result,Choko with water is on the desk

  • ChokoRendering

2 Research For 3DDesign

Installation will be done according to the directions of the official website.

Used Applications

2-1 Install MakeHuman and plugins

  1. Download MakeHuman
    • Only UnZip the installation
  2. Download Blender
    • Only Unzip the installation
  3. Download MHX2(MakeHumanPulgin)
    • Download Repository from BitBucket
  4. Install MHX2 to MakeHuman
    • 9_export_mhx2 move to MakeHuman Plugins folder
  5. Install MHX2 to Blender
    • import_runtime_mhx2 move to Blender addon folder

2-2 Export Human

  1. Start MakeHuman
  2. Make Human
  3. Export MHX2 file

2-3 Import Blender

  1. Start Blender
  2. Setting
    • Use MHX2 Plugin
  3. Import MHX2 file
  4. Export FBX file
    • Output of FBX file can be done from MakeHumann
    • The objects to be exported are Mesh and Armature
  5. Check FBX file
    • Import exported file
    • Make sure that both are the same

Since the texture is lost, I decided to output FBX file from MakeHuman. After checking, importing in MHX 2 format seems to be incompatible with other software because texture is created with CyclesRender.

2-4 Add Animation

  1. FBX file and texture file into zip
  2. Open Mixamo
    • It is Web Service
  3. Upload File
    • Drag and drop the FBX file
    • Setting…
  4. Select Animation
    • choose Walk and TPose
  5. Download Animation file

2-5 Import Mervelous Designer

  1. Start Mervelous Designer
  2. Import Animation file
    • Import TPose

  3. Make Shirt and Skirt
  4. Animation walk
    • Import Walk Pose
  5. Check Animation
  6. Export FBX file

2-6 Upload Sketch Fab

The texture is lost from the clothes I made.
I think that we could do this by creating clothes from a human figure and uploading it.
I felt it was difficult to import and export files between different software.