Week06. 3D Scanning and printing

This week, I did the following.

  • Study characteristics of 3D printer with group assignment.

  • Also, create structures that can not be created by subtractive method.

  • Then try using 3D scanner to scan.

Group Assignment

The content of our group assignment is here
Week06 Group Assignment


It is suitable for making rough shapes. I think it is difficult if you make something of fine precision. The speed is not so fast, there are also many failures, so it is guaranteed that stress will get.

1. 3D Scanning

3D scan tried the following way.

1-1 Scan With Sense

I scanned myself.

  1. Pictures when scanning

    • thanks for turning.
    • 1-1scanning
    • 1-1scanning2
  2. Scanned Own

What I understood by scanning a few times. It is better not to scan the same place many times.

1-2 Scan With Qlone

I scanned coffee cup.

  • 1-2coffee
  • 1-2scanning
  • 1-2processing
  • 1-2result

it is like softcream. I can not scan well at the top.

2 3DPrinting

I decided to create a bell. Because it is a design with balls in the shell. This can not be created by a subtractive method.

2-1 Modeling

I made a bell like this

  • fusion1
  • fusion2
  • fusion3
  • fusion4
  • fusion5
  • fusion6
  • fusion7
  • fusion8
  • fusion9
  • fusion10

2-2 Printing

I using Makerbot replicator2 and Settings is Follows.

  • replicator2
  • replicator2
  • Layer height
  • 0.3mm
  • Infill
  • 10%
  • number of shells
  • 2
  • Material
  • PLA

  • First Print

    • firstprint

At first I was thinking to twist the protrusion and remove the support.
However, since the protrusion is broken first, the protrusion was deleted.

  • Second Print
  • secondprint

  • Remove Support

  • removesupport

  • Heroshot

  • heroshot

3. Files