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8. Computer controlled machining

On this week, the group assginments were “test runout, alignment, speeds, feeds, and toolpaths for your machine

The parameters to test the machine

In this group assignment, our group used the CNC machine in Tech Shop Tokyo. Parameters to test the machine were following.

Endmill Diameter: 1/4’‘=6.35mm
Spindle Speed: 12000 rpm
Cuts Speed: 1.0inch/s
The depth of tool paths: 0.25inch

The main purpose of our group assignment was to check the offset value of the machine. So, we designed a simple sketch. It was a concave plate.

When we tested, we set three kinds of offset. The values were 0, -0.15, and -0.25mm.

The products were shown below.

To test these products,we plugged these products in each other. The result was that plugging “-0.25mm” was the best.