The Result

The files can be download here


Helioduino board

Double face board with an Atmega 328P, The board is designed to control the outputs of the Heliotropo the input ( a phototransistor and a light color sensor in the upgrade version that I couldn't finish yet.

Sensor board (Right now)

Digital Fabrication

3d print connections and special parts

Main structure

The main structure has been design and made with acrylic of 4mm.


Here is the code to make boards work together.

This is the code for the Helioduino board, prepared tu control de NEOPIXEL LEDs and the STEPPER, it includes the serial for networking with the other board.

Here is the code for the phototransistor to comunicate with the Helioduino board


BOM (Bill of Materials)

The total cost was around 110€, but it's that I had to spend more money in the previous prototypes also there are some parts that can't be buy individually. Here is the complete BOM

Donwload from here

A very special thank you to...

This project it's an individual effort but it could not be possible without the invaluable help, advice and knowledge of...