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Date: 29 May - 5 Jun 2019


Intellectual property

I conceive my final project as an artistic installation, so at first I think that it is not necessary to use a patent license. The project hasn't a comercial future and what I want to protect it's my job and the idea behind. In the past I tried to patent other projects so it's a move that I know, at least for basics. In Spain there are three type of licenses for industrial property: Patent, utility model and industrial design. The govern has a web page full of information where it's possible to find instructions and forms to make it by your own. Anyway, a patent it's a legal document, which means that it is not a "shield" against copies, it's more like a weapon for your lawyer to attack if you found someone using you design. So it's highly recommended to contact a layer to make the paper in your name.

Patent or invention it's the highest protection and I think that the explation it's very poetic: A patent it's and advance in technology and knowledge, if you share this knowledge the state will grant you with a period of monopoly as reward, after that anyone can use this knowledge. Sounds fair.

That's why you can access to any patent in the wold using a data base, here are some of then that are linked in the OPEM web (Spanish office of patents and brands). Just for fun I made a research of project related to mine using keywords as "mirrors" "light" "movement"... and find some curious ideas, very techie.

An utility model is a smaller protection level; you have modified somithing that already exist, it's not really new but enough and industrial design it's more about appareance than technology, it's used for bags, cups car but always oriented to the form, color and other aspects of this type.

My case

Out of technology development there are other ways to protect a creation. I think that something as personal as my piece should be understand as an artistic object. If I decide to go this way I can ask for a "Intellectual property register" or "RPI". With this I'm protecting my idea in more abstract sense. This is the kind of protection used musicians, painters and artists. Theoretically an dea is yours since the moment of conception but it is not a bad idea to register if you can.

The process can be made online and the tax is a value from 15 to 50€. I can finish it right now because I need digital certificate that I haven't but I asked the administration for it and when I have it I will get my RPI

The whole process can be made from home using the telematic way. Its easy and fast if you have a certificate that can be obtain in any office of the administration.


For global protection I created a creative commons license so the final project can be share but not modified or used for economic porpouses. The webpage gave a HTML that can embed in this web.

Licencia Creative Commons
Esta obra está bajo una Licencia Creative Commons Atribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 4.0 Internacional.

This project it's a research, It's about how movement can be created and transmit by gears or other mechanical parts also, it is a experiment about how transform senses (light-vision, to movement-sound-touch), and I see it like the start for something bigger that can lend me, at some point to a commercial idea (or maybe not, who cares?). That's why I don't have a business model, I feel it more like a parallel project to my way of earn money that can show me new things and improve my technique and I would like to keep it that way.

What I would like to do with it it's three things:

Firstly, improve it, change it and re-do it, one and once. I would like to obtain more movements using only one step-motor, preferably movements in others axes or directions. With time i'd like to create a collection of this machines and, even more, if I could find a sponsor or client I think that it would be very attractive to change the scale and transform it into a inmersive experience were you could be in the center, surrounded by this tiny rods with huge flexible mirrors that move with the wind, changing the sensations of the space around you.

Secondly, show it and find feedback. I really want to find places to exhibit what I have made and show it to different artist and to the public. I would like to see their reactions and opinions. I would like to know if the would try to interact with the sculpture and how they will try.

Finally, and this is something that make me sad I would like to include my machine into a dialogue with other machines. I talk about this idea with my classmates Edu Segovia (mr. e) and Rodrigo Gamboa. We really wanted to present our projects together in the final presentation. Our idea was to explore how the input of one of our project could be read the output of another and make a chain of machines that could talk to each other at the same time that humans interect with them. The chain could be RODRIGO-HUGO-EDU or force to light, light to movement, movement to sound.We even think about to use the Scarlight machine (out group assigment from two weeks ago) to close the circle and transform sound to force and then start the cycle again. We haven't time to do it and it's something that I don't want to die.

Money, money, money.

Well, all this things sounds cool but is it a possibility to create something useful and commercial from here? Probably. I can think about this project as a mechanical sunflower, and adapt the same concept to improve efficiency in solar panel that could follow the light of the sun or I could create a clock that express the time by the ambient light (it is said that the color of daylight is very specific in any hour of the day). Marta, my tutor thinks that the project remember her to the shutter of a camera, that could be another path to explore. I hope to find a answer to this question in the future. Fab academy is just the beginning.