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19. Invention, intellectual property and income

May 29


develop a plan for dissemination of your final project prepare drafts of your summary slide (presentation.png, 1920x1080) and video clip (presentation.mp4, 1080p HTML5, < ~minute, < ~10 MB) and put them in your root directory


This week I prepared the dissemination plan for the final project and made a review of Neil lecture about intelectual property and income. By the way, inspite of talking about business, one of my favorite lectures along with the electronics and programing related.

I made a small sketch about the project eletronics and a video that I called “presentation.png” and “presentation.mp4”; upload it to the root directory, in the antonio-gomes directory.


  • Neil lecture review
  • presentation.png
  • small video presentation.mp4

My comments on Neil lecture

National agencies:

See Examples


People at MIT are not smarter then other places but it became a ecosystem that rely on people coming by as a flux througth labs, bringing ideias to make them a profit business

The FAB LAB in it self is becaming a ecosystem spread all over the world, that is, not a place but a network

How do you protect you invention? Intelectual property: patents: two types: utility and design.

  • FIRST: patent shearch \
  • SECOND: get protection before disclosure
  • THIRD: provisional (one year to file the final completely idea)
  • FORTH:
  • the final file needs to be a teaching
  • IMPORTANT: the claims, written as a tree from GENERAL to SPECIFIC: method; composition; aparatus; manufacture.
  • FIFTH: examination: novel? Advance in the field? Usefull and valuable? Note: PCT - Internationa Patent System SIXTH: nationalize it SEVENTH: maintenance: costs; NOTE: the patent doesn’t protect you it gives acess to the court system; you could be charge to not practicing the patent; IMPORTANT: recognize when someone is violating your patent and barriers to infringment: for instante, if you just need a FAB LAB to do it, its almost impossible to detect, but if you need a high tech lab… its more easy;

IMPORTANT: see trolls and NPE’s: you might be cautgh becase you have your own patent - LAST: public disclosure: when you linked and it became public. - BOTTOM LINE: forget it!

Considerer Copyright: original work that envolves: reproduce; modify; distribute; perform; display; There are several licenses: open-source; creative commons; GPL; LGPL; BSD; MIT/X11; APACHE; FAB (© holder date This work may be reproduced, modified, distributed, performed, and displayed for any purpose, but must acknowledge “project name”. Copyright is retained and must be preserved. The work is provided as is; no warranty is provided, and users accept all liability);


Copyright is a good solution for much what you do in the lab!

Income A vision to change the world most of the businesses didn’t intend to get money, but with the idea of change the world and work with other people to be happy

Don’t for the product in itself: look for what is around: licensing, consumables.

services: running a lab; training to setup a lab; stocking the lab; customize the furniture; fun events; sell the impact on society; research; rent it don’t sell it;

Business is not in selling a thing but in the beneficts of that thing; the secret is reducing the pain; there as to be sommething that pull to create the bussiness. Think also non-profit. And also, profit and non-profit at the same time;

FAB coin!?!?!? Strange idea…

Business plans fails!

Normally business ends in another way. The business is on what it benefits society not on the product.

management!!!!: the inventor is poor in this aspect!

As the business growths you need to take care of the social part of it: more at 1:07 of the video.

certification for the products

Grow with the Fab Lab: the fab lab as an incubator

Business plan


Planning!? Business Plans!?!?!? What? How? PlanningPlanningPlanning: business plans fail when day hit the reality!

Image missing

  • What is the business? This an aquatic platform to be used for research and education; it could be rented and developed within the university, in a partnership with the university or school;
  • Profit? Non-profit business;
  • Benefit? Help people get into the world of sensors and actuators motivating them to code and electronics as well as promoting the Sea.
  • opensource? The object is opensource copyright, we plan to rent the service;
  • Publish it? where? share it? Just on the Fab Lab platform with a copyright mention


Copyright is a good option.

  • Business? Can move from education to research support
  • How to disseminate? Starting in education and moving to rent the service

Video here: video missing

💡 Reference mkdocs