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Welcome to my Fab Academy 2019 site

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In short, this is my log book online about all the activities done at the FAB ACADEMY 2019.

You can see here my colleagues.

The goal is to accomplish all the assigments listed inside the Fab Academy schedule [here][] and to plan, execute and develop a small maritime platform to be used for education and research, “aqua nostra”.

The idea of preserving our environment by knowing about, not only to deliver it to the next generation to come but also for our own ethical sanity in the present days, as become a major issue in this fast world.

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Portugal is a big country, ten times smaller then the United States, where 97% is ocean. So, Aqua nostra, its a small drop, a starting point to know better and to stimulate more about the sea, the rivers and the lakes.


For now I want to finnish this Fab Academy 2019 with sucess: accmplished all the assignments goals and to produce a final project meaningfull.


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