Welcome to my Fab-Academy project documentation

On this Website I will publish all my documentations for my projects of the Fab-Academy 2019 Form of Compliance

Finished Projects

Personal Webdevelopement

Learn how to use git und build your personal Fab-Academy Website.


Learning to create 2D designs on a computer


Learning to create 3D designs on a computer

Computer-Controlled Cutting

Making 2D-Design physical

Make your own ISP

Learning the basics of electronic fabrication including how to build PCBs from scratch

3D-Printing and Scanning

Making 3D-Design physical and how to convert real objects into printable files

Electronics Design

Make your own Hello-World-Board

Make Something Big

Using our new CNC-Mill to make a Nightstand

Embedded Programming

Understanding Datasheets and programm the Hello-World-Board

Molding & Casting

Create your own molds and produce casts with different materials

Input Devices

Choose an Input device and make a board for it

Output Devices

Choose an output device and make a board for it

Applications and Implications

Outline the plan for the final project

Networking & Communications

Write an app and let two processors talk to each other

Mechanical & Machine Design

Design a machine

Interface Design

Design an Interface and get it talking

Project Development

How I managed my time