Final Project Proposal

Short introduction about what is my final project in the early stages of Fab academy

Project Management

Wondering what is version control and how I made this website? Come on in.

Computer Aided Design

Drawing a possible final project? Hmmmmm challenge accepted.

Computer Controlled cutting

Creativity unleashed with laser cutting and Vinyl cutting too!

Electronics Design

Eagle usage and redrawing the Hello Echo board.

Electronics Production

Fabricating using the CNC milling machine and making the FAB_ISP circuit board.


Embedded Programming

Getting exposed to programming and how to read a datasheet.

Molding and Casting

Exploring chemicals fantsies ;)

Computer Controlled Machining

Making something BIG!

Input devices

What's a sensor and how to control and program PIR Sensor


Output Devices

Controlling RGB LED Strip was a challenging task.


Interface and Application Programming

Making a simple Graphical User Interface to read the sensor value

Networking and Communications

Project management and final hours ticking


Wild Card Week (Composites)

Making a illuminating frame for my frame Chandlier.

Mechanical Design

Teamwork is an essential task for a Maker, let's know how...

Applications and Implications

Project management and final hours ticking

Invention, Intellectual property, and Income

Check for license and other regulations.

Project development

Project management and final hours ticking