Raquel Gallego

Computer-aided design

I would like to add this link which refers to a project I have developed with Josiah Barnes, at IAAC during the second semester of the masterĀ“s program.
We were interested in the research about magnetic fields, how magnets behave and how the magnetic force could be use to create an urban wind farm.

Just to give you and idea of what was this project about I would like to drop a couple of lines explain the purpose of the research.

We started studying a component, this component was a 3d unit that was capable of growing in all the dimensions, meaning it was scalable, we establish a range in which this component will be working considering the smallest component as a tile and the biggest as a shelter.

The idea was to create a surface where the components will be place organize by size, and their own geometry will be creating the hole surface, by placing them one next to the other.
Since we were working with magnets the idea was to study how will these components react to each other, just because all the branches will contain a magnet.
We needed an starting point, one piece moving first, this component was place at the center and had a motor. The motor moved the mechanizing and this made the "flower" rotate in a certain direction, we could realized the other flowers surrounding this one were moving as well as this first one. creating a field that was using just the magnetic force imput to move.

I would like to continue using everything I have learnt doing this project and implement it with some electronics that could be the force this time. meaning I would like this project to be place in an inner space, for example , one of the big rooms we have here at LABoral and I would like people to be the motor of the installation.

I guess ideally I would not like to lose the purpose that we pursuit in this first project and I would like to link the hole installation to the energy comsumtion, probably this will be an issue that I will need to give more thought during the course.

This class was an introdution to the different 2D and 3D sofwares we can use in order to developed the final project.

I have used rhino 4.0 because it is the 3D sofware I normally use to draw.

Since I am familiar with Rhino I have not spent much time looking into it, and I have been exploring the other programs.




This are the drawings, I have used Rhino 4.0 to model the 3D component, and then MAKE 2D