Raquel Gallego

Project Management

This first class was about getting in touch with the FAb Academy platform, how to share, upload and manage information, in order to have access to the latest files and be able to work from all the different labs at the same time, without loosing information.

To me everything was new, the program we are using is mercurial but it seems to be just one among others such as git or subversion.

I would like to say thanks to David Pello, my colleague here at FAB lab Asturias, who has help me to get introduce to this totally new enviroment to me.

What I have learnt is :

1_ How to set up my computer to be able to access to the repository, and after introducing the ssh keys, we do not need to use a password anymore.

2_I know mercurial has a visual interface, but I am getting used to use the terminal;

cd documents_This is to call the folder where I have placed the FABAcademy repository
hg pull_ To download the latest info.
hg commit -m "message"
hg push_ To upload what we have edited
hg add . _ If we need to add pictures or any other file, we are telling the system that a new item has been included in our profile.
hg merge_ In case more than one people are editing and uploading files at the same time.

3_How to start and HTML file.
I have use dreamweaver, but this was also my first time, so what it has taken me most of the time is to structure the page.
I have learnt that it is easier to first introduce the content and then edit the CSS style I want my page to look like.

_I have started with a simple structure, writing the bio and adding my picture.
_I have decided that I want my page to be clean and I want the index to be present in all the pages.
_Then I have included a feature call div which is call " tag" and what it does is to draw a box around the elements we previously select. This box is invisible and it only appears when we give some properties to it.
_Create a CSS "Cascade style sheet"_ Here is where we can define the style we want the page to look like.
The advantage of using this is that allows us to be consistent in every single page in a simple way.

My aim is to be able to understand perfectly how to work with this new tools and be comfortable using them, I hope I will achieve that by the end of the course.