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11. mechanical design, machine design – Group Kuriyama

I thought it was cute when I first saw the bear in the mountains. But after the bear left I felt very scared and realized I didn’t know what to do. In Hokkaido, where we live, there are wild bears. So I thought I should tell children that bears are not only cute. I think bears look very different in the wild than in zoos.

Also, We thought that making this game could be applied to Suzuki-san’s final project, so we decided to create it.

This is group assignment page of mechanical design, machine desig (Kuriyama Student) :

Group assignment

  • actuate and automate your machine
  • document the group project and your individual contribution

What we’ve done this week

Atsufumi Suzuki

Design the machine by Fusion360

First, I created a machine the base moves in the x-axis direction with a stepper motor

A stepper motor moves the base to the left and right in the x-axis direction.

This mechanism is also be used for my final project, a trash separator part.


Sorting machine part
Parts Required Number Use
shaft φ8 mm x 800 mm 2 The two shafts serve as guides for moving the platform in parallel.
Stepper Motor Nema17 2 To control the bear’s marionette / To move the base
Servo Motor SG90 3 To rotate the panel that will be the target (boy, flower, pig)
timing belt 1 Belt to transfer the power of the stepper motor to the base
timing pulley 1 Pulleys to operate the belt
Linear Bushings LM-8UU 2 Linear bushings to allow the base to move smoothly over the shaft
Half Screw with Hexagon Hole 1 Shaft for rotating pulley
stepper_case.stl [.stl] 1 Case to put into stepper motors
roller_case.stl [.stl] 1 Case to put into pulley
base.stl [.stl] 1 moving base to attach bear marionette

Created shafts (φ8 mm x 800 mm)

Create linear bushing and thread it through the shaft

Linear bush and Timing belt can be attached to the back of the base.

Attached the base.

Attached the stepper motor and the rotary shaft screw

Created the case for the stepper motor and the rotary shaft screw

3d printed and assembled the following

Electric circuit

The Electric circuit was built as follows


The code is explained on Atsufumi Suzuki’s week11 page

ESP32 web Server Code

Image recognition part

Created the following parts to hold the Raspberry Pi camera in place.

Parts Quantity
Raspberry Pi 4 1
Camera module 1
Tact Switch 1
10kΩ Resistor 1

Electric circuit

The Electric circuit was built as follows


The code is explained on Atsufumi Suzuki’s week11 page

Rasppbery Pi Image recognition Code

Kurumi Shiowaki

I was in charge of machine and mechanical design of bear and targets.

Servo motor for targets

Stepper motor for bear

Video editing, compositing and animation of title.

We invited the kids for field study. They were excited to play and enjoy it.

A girl said “the bear is scary”. So I would say that I was able to show the kids how scary bears can be.


Last update: May 2, 2022