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8. Embedded programming – Group Kuriyama

This is group assignment page of Computer-controlled cutting (Kuriyama Student) :

Group assignment

  • Compare the performance and development workflows for other architectures

What we’ve done this week

  • Raspberry Pi

  • microbit

Raspberry Pi

Used a program to take pictures with Raspberry Pi and camera module to be used for image recognition in the final project

The camera module attaches to the following ports

I used python version 3.7.3

Run in a terminal

$ python3

Reference Articles

The following Python code save a image on the Desktop every 5 seconds Once the fifth picture is taken, the preview closes.

The variable i counts how many times the loop has run, from 0 to 4. Therefore, the images get saved as image0.jpg, image1.jpg, and so on.

from picamera import PiCamera
from time import sleep

camera = PiCamera()

for i in range(5):
    camera.capture('/home/pi/Desktop/image%s.jpg' % i)

it is saved on the desktop as follow


Open ”makecode” on browser

Press “New Project”

Choose the blocks from left folders.

Press “Download” on the left corner.

Connect to microbit

Drag and Drop the download file to MICROBIT folder

Start copying

Light on!!

You can program with python and Java

Tying to make a code with python following this tutorial

But It has error

Back to link and press Open in Python.

Open different browser and can program.

Press “Download” button

Drag and Drop the file.


Last update: March 21, 2022