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13. Applications and implication

Final Project

Final Project Idea :

Smart Posture Reminder with (Alarm sensor & Vibration motor)


My idea is to build an alarm and vibrate system for correct the posture . when the pack is pending while setting on the chair or somewhere the system will start making alarm and vibration to warning the user

If the hump is more than 25 degrees

instant vibration reminder, automatic vertical muscle implantation.


Image above shows that when you bend your back with 25 degrees and above the system will make an alarm and vibration.

In this project I am going to build a system can interact with the user who suffering from back and neck pain to alert them when bending to relieve and avoid that pain.

Box_Upper/Lower 3D printed |Rendering :

Concept of the design:


The image above shown the box consist a Turn on/off button, PCB pins”Base”, strap holder, and box pins(without screws).

CAD files:


Materials will used in this project :

High strength nylon for the PLA for the box

Why this project :

I am one of the people who suffer from the back and neck pain due to continuous working hours on the laptop, and I seek through this project to solving it.

Back curvature leads to an unpleasant appearance, and it affects health, so you must get used to straightening your back, here are some effective treatment methods.

What is a back arch?

It is a curve in the upper back region of the spine, and this curvature causes a defect in the functions of the spine and its weakness, and thus the ease of curvature of the stature after its normal position was straight.

Suitable for both children and adults

Where the straps can be resized to suit all different sizes and ages.

You need this posture corrector support if you have.. :

  • Fractured collarbone (broken collar bone)

  • Pain associated with sagging

  • Cepheusis torresica

  • Shoulder instability

  • Deviated spine

  • Collarbone pain

  • Osteoporosis pain

  • Deviated spine

  • Sports injuries

How much will they cost?
Type Qty. Cost
Attiny44 1 0.03 USD
FTDI (1*6) 1 0.04 USD
AVRISP(2*3) 2 0.3 USD
Capacitor ( 1uf) 1 $0.06 USD
Resistor 499 ohms 1 0.03 USD
Resistor 1K ohms 1 0.03 USD
Resistor 10 OHM ohms 2 0.06 USD
Resistor 100K ohms 1 0.04 USD
SPEAKER 8 OHM 0.5W 1 2.82 USD
RED led 1 0.1 USD
9V DC BATTERY Battery 1 2 USD
PLA BOX 1 5.05 USD
Shoulder Support 1 9.87 USD
__ Total 40.08 USD

Note: Most of the material and components are available in the fablab. Other components (FLEX SENSOR 2.2, SPEAKER 8 OHM 0.5W, 9V Battery, and Shoulder brase Support ) are available in local market.

PCB Design using Eagle :

Files to Download:



Final Project steps:

Free Sketching of my idea:

Speaker Test :

Vibration Motor

Flex Sensor Testing

Test with arduino and flex sensor as an input

PCB Design and Manufacturing

3D Printing and slicing

Bend Test after printing the box

Blink Test with arduino and the PCB

Final Project Video

Last update: June 21, 2021