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20. Project development

In this week I will explain the current state of my final project development.

What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

The table below lists tasks in developing my final project.

Task Percent Completed Percent(%)
Concept and purpose 100%
Define how it works 100%
System components selection 100%
System components testing 100%
Technologies to be used 100%
Schematic design 100%
PCB design 100%
PCB milling and soldering 100%
PCB testing 100%
Packaging 3D design 100%
3D printing packaging 100%
Writing the codes 100%
Testing system operation 100 %
Documentation 80%

What has worked? what hasn’t?

All tasks which are 100% worked fine. Nothing has not worked up to this stage.

The progress in tasks which are partially completed is going fine.

What questions need to be resolved?

Almost all questions to be answered at this stage are about the code. Functionality put by the code should be carefully designed, so no mistakes or bugs will happen. Device should provide friendly and easy operation so users can benefit as determined by the purpose.

What will happen when?

The next step is to complete the following tasks

  • Improving the codes
  • Testing system operation after developing
  • Final project documentation with 100%

What have you learned?

It has been an intensive journey of learning, new skills and big knowledge. It could be difficult to list all things I have learned, but for sure there are a lot.

I learnt how to manage my time and make a mind map for my project and how to take the responsibility in it.

Working on system components one by one separately, testing each and making sure it works as required makes it easy to integrate all components together to build the whole system.

There is always a hard way and an easy way to make the same thing. Think smarter not harder.

Look, search and understand and make a good design before moving to working on machines. There is always something you don’t know which others know. Share knowledge and ask others.

Last update: June 21, 2021