I have no experience in digital manufacturing but it is a very interesting topic and above all that changes the way of producing things, you can do very good things yourself, only two things are missing, the knowledge and the machinery necessary to create something that was first designed in a software.
I thank my three fellow professors because without teamwork we would not have achieved the resource to create a digital manufacturing laboratory at our university, I also thank the FabLab team from Yucatan for their availability to support us to make FabLab a reality in Tabasco.

Fab Lab Tabasco (DigiFabMAcuspana) will have a surface of 310 m2, it is inside the facilities of the Superior Technological Institute of Macuspana (ITSM) The ITSM has a special interest in the development of scientific-technological knowledge through the development of projects that provide solutions to social, industrial and technological problems. Based on a shared knowledge society, FabLab Tabasco is available for the different social status of society, the necessary tools in digital manufacturing, promoting a workspace open to experimentation, learning and knowledge creation in the area of Science, Technology and Mathematics.