Who am I?

I am a young Belgian engineer, born in Brussels, and still living in this great city. I like to understand the world around me and the way it works. I am now doing a PhD at the Université Libre de Bruxelles in biomedical engineering. My subject concerns the study of the potential of soft robotics solutions for medical applications.

Why the fab academy?

I studied biomedical engineering at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, in Belgium. This background allowed me to get familiar with several tools and processes used in Fab Labs, from a classical and theoretical point of view. The Fab Academy is an opportunity for me to discover another approach of these tools, a more holistic and practical approach, based on the experience of making.

I am also inspired by the philosophy of the Fab Academy and the Fab Labs. The concepts of sharing knowledge and resources, and of empowering people by giving them understanding and control over the making of things. I see it as a way to encourage a more responsible, conscient and sustainable consumption. I am very excited to take part in this experience and share know-how, ideas and values with the other members of the Fab Lab network.

I think the Fab Academy can only be a positive experience for me, on the technical level by being complementary to my academic background and be offering me new opportunities and perspectives, but also for my personal development, be sharing ideas and being inspired by the Fab Labs philosophy.