Computer-aided design

Since I didn’t have time to do a fully detailed model this week, I made a quick sketch and a particle simulation in blender for explaining my idea.

my picture

First I started to do the model in FreeCAD 0.13, but it runs quite slow on my net-book with ubuntu 12.10. Since the assembly module still doesn’t work, I exported the single parts in .step format and oriented them with the “placement”-command.

my picture

The models can then be exported to blender in .obj-format. The resulting models have a high polygon-count and are not very suitable for simulation.

I realized that it would be quicker to do the model in blender, but at least I learned something about the freecad-blender-data exchange.

The simulation is not intended to be realistic. Actually I wanted to play a bit with the smoke-simulation, but in the end it was easier to show what I want with the particles alone.

Here you can download the .blend-file