About me

Hello, my name is Ferdinand Meier. I’m a mechanical engineer from Munich, Germany. In August 2008 I started a bicycle-trip from which I haven’t returned yet. Right now I am in Lisbon where I am doing a PhD in “Sustainable Energy Systems” at the MIT-Portugal and working at the FablabEDP.


About this website

This website was built with Piecrust a static website generator and lightweight CMS that’s all managed with text files. It comes with it’s own mini-webserver but I run it under Apache in Debian “Wheezy”.

It is very easy to generate pages that share a common template and get updated by editing some text files in a simple markup language (markdown). For example the head of this page looks like this:

title: About
layout: fa_layout04

By executing

bin/chef bake --root=website --portable

a static set of pages is generated and can be uploaded to the webserver.

Here you can download my main template.