Applications and implications

I’m still very occupied with the machine and my final project is lagging behind a bit. Right now there are still far more questions than answers. I hope this will improve with the next updates!

What will it do?

It will transform wood to heat, electricity and cold.

who’s done what beforehand?

The idea is inspired by two existing inventions: the Biolite

and the “Sustainable fridge

What materials and components will be required, how much will it cost?

Components: the stove, the thermoelectric generator (including electronics), the parts for the fridge and optional measuring devices.

So far the bill of materials looks like this:

300cm^3 of 1mm Sheet-metal ~10€
~100 rivets 3€
heat resistant silicone ~1€
insulation material ~3€

3m D10 copper tube 10€
a box suitable as a fridge <10€
Tube Connectors ~3€ Methanol, Activated carbon <10€

Peltier element 20€ better 40€
Components for the boost converter <10€
Heat-sink ~10€

If I didn’t forget anything, the material price could be below 90€.

Measuring devices

Thermocouple 12€
Temp to digital converter 15€
Barometer and T-connector 30€

Where will they come from?

I will try to use local resources that are easily available and cheap.

What parts and systems will be made?

the body of the stove
tubes for conducting the combustion gases
Generator, Condenser and Evaporator of the fridge
insulated refrigerator box
measuring equipment for high temperatures (thermocouple)
step-up up converter
Battery charging control

How will it be evaluated?

It will be evaluated by its fuel efficiency and the amount of electricity (W) and cold (kg of ice) produced.