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7. Computer controlled machining

individual assignment make (design + mill + assemble) something big (~meter-scale)

This is my turn to write Group Assignment down this week. It was group work but I did measure wood material to see runout check and took pictures for recording.

My idea of Something big

I’d like to create something which is good for my daily life. I go shopping to buy foods for a week and the shopping store’s parking area is not nearby the store. I wish I’d have a cart to bring heavy shopping bag easily to parking lot.

Situation Image

Drawing designs in Fusion360

I spent 3 days to complete the design although it was not so much complex. However still it had errors as my instructor reviewed my design. “Parametric” is not easy. Tried to change the parameter, some of dogbones were broken.
So I really hoped a board will have the same thickness as my parameters in Fusion.

Fusion Sketch Fusion Parameter Fusion Bodies

Shopping in Caines

Tamekura-san, Owner of Hamamatsu Fablab - Take Space, took us to Caines to buy boards and other stuffs.

my board Boards to buy Screw

Test Material board

Measured thickness of the board. It was 11.7mm in average.

measure actual thickness measure actual thickness

Set 11.7mm to Thickness parameter. In order to know necessary clearance, cut a slot and a key out. Looked good.

Test2 Test3 Test4

Data preparation

Exported components data with Shaper Utility from Fusion360. The exported data is .SVG format. However Cut2D - Path creator software doesn’t accept SVG format, then imported them to Adobe Illustrator to change format to .ai. Copied them in USB.

Shaper Illustrator

Import data in Cut2D. Set board size, thickness and tab sizes. Created paths for holes to nail down the board. The path data saved in PC.


Cut in production

Machine PC for milling Cleaner me

Wearing safety stuffs. Then START. To fix the board, made holes and screwed in setting board.

Bolt WIP

Milling completed

Cut completed Cut out

Setting board had shapes of my pieces. Probably Z axis set a bit deep.

setting boards

A piece moved and damaged because the tab was broken. Changed width and thickness of tab and reproduced.

damaged piece Paths


Polished with sandpaper and then assembled.

post process assemble1 assemble2 assemble3 assemble4

Test run

My dogs enjoyed driving on the new cart.


Post completion

I’d like to paint the cart near future.


Files :

Fusion file

Ai & SVG Files

Last update: July 2, 2021